The 1990s Animation "renaissance"


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I am curious about something which I believe fits in mundane astrology board, and how astrology affects a society's appreciation of various forms of art.

In the 1990's, there was a sudden boom in traditional two dimensional animation. Everybody was doing it for everything - even nature documentaries were taking up animators to make their stuff more "presentable". After around 1999-2000, the market and the creativity quite literally disappeared with the decade.

The 80's saw a lot of forgettable stuff with no real meaning, mostly just lighthearted action cartoons with low budget effects and almost no story...

As soon as the 90's began it went off with a bang -- and the stuff being made wasn't "A cartoon pretending to have the charm of an earlier cartoon from the 30's", it actually had that charm.

By all means, when I look at the "birth" of the 90's, I don't see artistic indicators. A lot of planets in Capricorn typically puts money over art. It just baffles me and when animator friends ask "what WAS it!!", I just say "There was something in the air".

Are there any 90's kids here who know what I'm talking about? Maybe you have some opinions...