The 11:11 Phenomenon


I use to see 11:11 every night last year, I've only seen it a few times this year
a few times seen it as 1:11


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These numbers were created by and effect people, but I don't think the rest of the Universe is going to follow them. Our clocks and calendars are just scenery to the real Plan which cannot be described so simply.

To get esoteric for a moment. People were first created by "something higher" and therefore numbers (or any symbol) are an expression of "something higher" as well, to varying degrees.

I believe that the Universe uses the language we understand to speak to us. Astrology could as easily be dismissed with your argument...indeed any symbolic system could be dismissed using your argument that "we" create everything. Instead everything has already been created, we simply discover.


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I wasn't trying to outright dismiss the phenomenon, but instead put it in proper context. The occurrence of 11:11 is a subjective experience and, as you've said, Anachiel, the Universe tends to speak to us in ways that we can understand (the languages we've created for ourselves). So, it is possible that there is subjective value to the experience, but I doubt it has any objective value relating to bodies in outer space.