The 11:11 Phenomenon


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As an aside:

Was anyone awake for 123456? 01:23 4 May 06?

Did anyone notice anything strange/wonderful?




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Hi Hel,

Was anyone awake for 123456? 01:23 4 May 06?

Wow! I wasn't even aware that the date and time would be configured in sequence like this. I hadn't noticed.

I wonder if anyone was born at this time?

Draco :wink:


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i always see 11:11, as well as 1:11 and 1:23.

the funniest incident involving number synchronicities for me was two weeks ago seeing 11:11 at home on the stove, discussing it with a friend who was over and telling him how i always see it, and then us going over to his friends new appt, which turned out to be #11 on the 11th floor (appt 1111). while we were leaving the appt we laughed about it, and i noted taht there was no 13th floor button in the elevator. we left to go have a drink at a bar, and while standing outside having a cigarette we noticed that the bars address was 13 ossington avenue.



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I take the 11:11 or 1:11 as a good luck sign when I see it come up on the clock or different places. It always brings a smile to my face. The most significant thing that I remember about this number is when I first moved into this apartment a little over a year ago. It was a big step for me and I wasn't sure that I'd be able to afford the rent... but I remember the first night I stayed here, I'd set my bed up, and that was a time consuming project... :) but after I did that, I plugged in the digital clock. The time that came up was 11:11. I took that as a happy indication that I was where I was supposed to be and would be "taken care of."


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Wow...okay I guess I'm not the only one who seems to synchronize with numbers as well. I don't think I have seen too many 11:11 as much, or maybe I am just now aware of it. As for myself though, I seem to always come across 444 (in addresses, license plates, odometer, checking time). I think it plays a significance somewhere yet I'm still trying to find out. This is all so fascinating!


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Arian Maverick said:
How weird...this thread is listed as the second External Link on the site! :eek:

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I didn't know about it. I know about the Wikipedia page on 11:11 from

Actually I even don't know about the's 11:11 site. I've just "luckily" pressed a wrong hot-key when I was doing with charts with Astrolog32 then the 11:11 page was loaded on my browser accidentally. It's even harder to believe...

Arian Maverick

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Although I always seem to experience a burst of pleasure whenever I encounter these signals, inevitably my excitement evaporates and is replaced by a keen sense of frustration of my inability to understand what this means.

It is as if the Universe were attempting to deliver an invitation to some grand interdimensional party of which I yearn to be a part, yet each time I attempt to R.S.V.P. my connection to the Infinite is severed and I am left with no dial tone!

EDIT: I have just realized that this was my 1432th post!!! :eek:

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I know this thread is about the 11:11 Phenomenon, but I believe 9:11 figures into this as well. Notice what thread Radu is reading, and notice the time! :eek:

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November 11 , 2006

The What's Up On Planet Earth? energy alerts are offered several times per month by viewing them here. They are no longer offered via e-mail subscription. Your financial support makes it possible to continue offering all the information on this website free of charge. Please make a donation.

(A brief note: All What's Up On Planet Earth? books are now available in e-book format. If you live outside the US , you can now purchase them with no shipping costs. They are also printable. You may order them by clicking on the book titles at the left sidebar. Staying In Alignment will be ready to order in the next day or two. If you are on the e-list, you will receive an e-mail notifying you when it is ready. I am very excited about this book and greatly looking forward to bringing it to you!)

The 11 th of any month always opens a portal to the higher realms (or a higher dimensional reality than the one we are currently in), and an 11 month only serves to offer us a double whammy. Just as experiencing many 11:11's in our lives at a certain time, such as seeing these numbers on a digital clock, in an address, or even on the license plate of the car in front of us, these numbers are the gates or pillars that open to a higher vibration.

When I see these numbers, I usually think: “Oh, goody! How can I go through these gates and enter the higher realms in ways in my life? What is this opportunity offering me?” And it is the same with this day of November 11 th . These gates open and then they close again, and it is during this special and unique time that we can access something higher, and then take it back with us to our current reality.

As of November 8 th , we had finished integrating all we needed to in regard to cementing in a new space for ourselves. This involved the supports of the cosmic events of September…two eclipses and an equinox…all designed to assist us in going deep, facing our shadows or the parts of ourselves that were readying to depart or just plain balance within us, as well as pushing us forward into the new.

(When we are undergoing these massive shifts, we can also experience many nights of staying awake. This is very typical of ascension. There is so much going on at higher levels, that we need to be here in our bodies and on the earth. It can be frustrating to lie awake for hours at a time, but magically it seems that we always have a necessary amount of energy the next day. And depending upon where you are in your integration process, you can experience much sleeping as well. Sleeping occurs when we are integrating and insomnia when we are done. Back pain is also a typical occurrence for many, as our backs are a prevalent place where energy moves and shifts within us.)

So from this time of September until the first week in November, many of us were discovering what we wanted to do next. And the energy could not completely shift until a critical mass of enough of us had reached these decisions. (There are always windows of energy that surround any energy movement, so please know that if you have not discovered what you will be doing next, you have not missed the boat.)

As the vibrations of the planet increase, like energies begin to congeal with other like energies at a more intense rate, and this causes a purification or fine tuning of all energy. In regard to our new purposes, then, anything and everything that did not fit us any longer simply decided to leave. This could be experienced as just not wanting to do these things anymore, having a distaste for them, feeling that they no longer fit who we are (as we are more and more becoming the pure gold nugget of our divine purpose), or perhaps just feeling an exhaustion when we think about doing them. What is purposely and divinely left is whatever we love to do and what we are able to do effortlessly. This is the way it was intended.

When we look at what we were doing before, it may feel as though we were doing certain things in another lifetime or that some aspect of ourselves that is no longer within us, was participating in these activities or roles. This is because we are once again dying while we are alive….a common and frequent occurrence of our spiritual evolutionary process.

In the past few days, I was blessed to be present at an alpaca birth and to experience an amazing arrival of a new life. It was truly incredible, and a pure coincidence that I was there. The day before that, I came across a new baby calf, alone in the mountains. You may have had similar experiences or perhaps even felt that your own life was ending as well. These are all indications that we are undergoing a mass rebirth…once again.

Although the past few weeks may have been intense, creating feelings of abandonment or loss, or even an identity crisis, these conditions were simply part of the process of re-inventing ourselves or readying for our new roles of a much higher purpose with a much finer tuned energy. We had to go deep, as always, while we purged the old in readiness to place us in alignment with the new.

Our on-going process into the higher realms way of living and being involves various steps that must be met….and stages that must be integrated. We will gradually be evolving into a reality of no money needed, and this latest phase we have just completed was part of that process. The new on-line program at What's Up On Planet Earth? will guide each of us through this process and explain how we can stay in alignment with the higher realms, with the process, and with our divine and unique purpose (as well as identifying what that is). This program will be ready in January. It will be designed as a guide to living in harmony with the earth and the higher realms, as we begin to live without money and certainly within these higher realms.

So then, this latest phase involving discovering what we wanted to do next, was pivotal to this process. We are identifying our storefronts, or the means and gateway for money to come to us. Until we are successfully and completely living in a non-monetary society, we will need money to support our next steps. These storefronts are in relation to our service to humanity. They will involve ways that we can generate funds so that we can be supported in setting up the next phase of living and being in the higher realms that involves no money at all.

These storefronts, or arenas that greatly represent who we are and what we are about, also involve how we will be assisting humanity through this evolutionary process. We go back to the dimensional dividing line within our storefronts, as they will serve all levels of the evolving 3D reality, and then we will return to our lives and other creations in the higher realms. And know that our storefronts can be just about anything….as long as we are good at what we are doing, it fits us well, and provides a service to humanity.

Our storefronts also involve our teams of like energy and purpose. And because we are refining and sifting out the aspects of ourselves that we used to embody in another and lower vibrating reality, we will come together now quite easily with our team members. In this way many of us are separating, but it is only because we each have unique purposes. There will of course at times be overlaps as one team supports another.

Now, after we have reached the critical mass needed to move forward into the next phase, we find ourselves at an 11:11 doorway. What is the purpose and benefit of this portal or doorway?

We have cemented ourselves in very securely with our new roles. Knowing and being in these roles of service to humanity will continue on for quite awhile. This is why this was such a monumental process. We are securely anchored in this way. Energetically, it looks like we are literally grounded and tethered to these roles, but we are supposed to be. A portal serves to create an opening that cuts through all barriers of any lower vibrating energy, mis-perceptions, or resistance. It is a perfect alignment. When this occurs, it is a wonderful opportunity to really and truly see with a higher clarity and to gain access to much higher information, ways of being, and even connections to other worlds and higher vibrating beings. The door is basically open with no obstruction.

So then, it is a good time to connect with what matches our vibration, our purpose, who we are, and what we are desiring. This doorway creates an opening to a higher everything. And being that we are in the throes of creating the New World and fine tuning our true and divine purpose, it would be a good time to connect to the highest version of that.

Through this portal, we can be shown the roadmap or the possibilities. And through a portal emerges infinite possibilities. When a portal is present, we can also connect to higher vibrating realities and connect more deeply to the stars and star beings…and their worlds.

For awhile now, it has been hands off in regard to what we choose to create here on the New Planet Earth. We have been lovingly watched over and observed from afar, with deep respect for what we choose to create as we evolve though this amazing process. In just the past few months, we have risen up in many ways and with clear voices, have said what it is that we will or will not tolerate. The genocide in Africa, the war in Iraq , and the recent elections here in the US , are but a few indicators of making our desires known.

This is part of the process of creating this New World ourselves. And as some of the lower vibrating manifestations begin to leave, we must know that they served a divine and perfect purpose. They were here to call attention to what we needed to change. They needed to be extreme in order to be noticed. A contrast needed to be provided in order for a critical mass to be reached that would summon and embrace the new. This is how it was intended. There is no polarity in the higher realms. Polarity only exists in a 3D reality in order to spur us on to create something of a higher order. So I ask of you, that perhaps we need lovingly embrace the roles that this so called darkness played, as these roles were so pivotal for the creation of the New World . At the highest levels, they were playing their roles in perfect order and divinely on our side, as we are all one. Providing this service is an unbelievable act of service at a soul level.

Part of the departure of these lower vibrating energies involves transmuting them through ourselves. This is the role that lightworkers have always provided…embodying lower vibrating energies and transmuting them through ourselves. This is part of what the recent episodes we experienced involving darkness were all about. It was never about karma or past lives…there is really no such thing. We were simply embodying any darker or denser energies through ourselves that originated from the whole. Carry-overs from past lives and karma are simply stories that we made up at a 3D level so that we could find a way to understand higher ways of being. We are no longer in that reality.

So then, as we begin to voice our desires, more and more, we will then be anchoring in and creating this New World all by ourselves. And as we progress in this way, we will then be able to connect more to the star beings, as their guidance is then allowed to be received more frequently because we are much more at the helm. Star beings were not allowed to interfere and begin the creating…they needed to wait until they were asked, and they would only be asked when we were at a point of knowing and wanting with much more clarity and authority.

So what I am saying here, is that the star beings will be more prevalent now, as they are now allowed to enter and merge with us a little more than they were before this latest shift. And as we progress with more and more clarity about what we are wanting to create, they will unite with us more and more. But we are not there quite yet. They are still required to keep a distance, but are always available for questions, as they lovingly and respectfully watch us create and unfold a higher way of living and being that we are inventing as we go!

What does this have to do with the portal of 11:11? The portal that will open this day, will create an opening for a very aligned connection with the star beings and their ways of living, being, as well as their own particular stars or residences, so to speak. And many of them are certainly knowledgeable in the higher ways that we are just now discovering and utilizing. If you have any questions for them, or want them to give you a piece of guidance or clarity regarding your current situation or path, now is the time to ask. If you do not know how to receive information from the non-physical in a clear way, simply ask that this information be placed in front of you in some form. It will then arrive in a message on TV, through a conversation from individuals next to you in line at a store, on the cover text of a magazine you pass by, on the radio, or even in an e-mail. Don't worry, as it will arrive somehow when you are least expecting it. You need only be open.

The 11:11 portal is basically about new opportunities…it always is. They can be found and connected to during this time, and then brought back to our current dimensional residency.

This latest shift also brought in a higher level of unity. Remember when I wrote about the possibility of a world event occurring that would create this needed unity if we did not create it ourselves? Before we go to a higher level of anything, we first experience its' polar opposite. This is part of the integration process of our spiritual evolutionary growth. For the past six or eight weeks, we have been experiencing great separation. This was designed to create the summoning or desire for unity, and to greatly appreciate it when it arrives.

Can you feel the new unity now? Do you feel connected more than ever before to everyone and everything? Are things and people coming together that never did before? This is the new unity. Whether we still have a world event or not, I cannot say, but hopefully we will remember what this unity feels like and never again accept anything less.

As we come together, enjoy the 11:11 opening, and be ready for your new abundance to arrive!
Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.
Until next time,


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Better late than never.....

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse
By Shala Mata

November 1, 2006
Ancient Codes of Ascension

The softer energy October offered was a nice interlude to catch our breath and gather perspective. November will gain in momentum what October offered as respite. Over the past few years we have experienced the last two months of the year as being particularly powerful and rife with opportunity.

Each month of the year gains in momentum as the accrual of energy builds. Nearing the end of the year this build of energy helps us master parts of our journey that are requiring attention and creates a bridge to merge into the coming year.

November and December also offer a very unique opportunity to close the year. Each of these months has its own coded trigger that nudges us from deep within our cellular structure.

THE 11:11
November 11th is this special day, the 11:11. Numerically 11 is a double digit and is known as a Master Number. It holds the energy of both the masculine and feminine energies in a balanced form – however many refer to the 11:11 as the feminine aspect and the 12:12 (Dec 12th) the masculine. Either way it holds the energy of renewal, rebirth & beginnings.

The 11:11 is a trigger to access the ancient codes of ascension that were placed deep within our cellular memory before birthing into form. These codes help open our perceptual fields of reality and prepare are senses for the inner and outer expression of 5th Dimensional light.

The 11:11 is a powerful day of meditations, ceremony and open intention to receive and remember the sacred codes of galactic light held within each of us. Our ascension and that of our beloved planet is one of assimilating then transforming into higher frequency and light. All of us who are awake have waited lifetimes for these “now” moments on our planet.

The Earth also has ascension codes deep within her cellular structure. We feel these in a powerful way when we visit sacred sites and power spots on the Earth. I had the great good fortune to visit Sedona and the Grand Canyon in October. The magic of Sedona and the many vortexes is exciting and inspiring, but the magnitude of the Canyon is humbling and leaves you in awe.

I stood on the rim and gazed into millions of years of time, you can feel the ancient timelines pulsing and connecting to the now. You feel the magnetic pull of the Mother, the inward spiral of a vortex so large it is hard to fathom. You feel the codes of the Mother’s ascension in powerful places like this – you feel her consciousness from the deep within the Hollow Earth.

The energy of November is building to the 11:11 to amplify the trigger so too speak for each of us and for Mother Earth. As we discussed in October the Golden Cosmic light of the Great Central Sun continues to bring higher frequency and vibrational re-patterning to each of us.

As we offer ourselves as vehicles for this light we can act as antenae’s on the 11:11 to connect with the 5D frequencies and then ground them into the Earth. This is a great service to her and for many of us our highest calling. The re-wiring we have discussed over the past months will intensify during November and December and we prepare for 2007.

There will be more physical and emotional symptoms also. Feeling tired, hungry and needing more time alone seems to sum up what many have reported to me. Body pain, sleep disturbances go without saying, many feel disconnected like they are walking between two worlds.

The feeling of disconnection can arise for many different reasons. Our physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies want to be in alignment and have a congruent flow of energy between them. This emulates the 5D future self we are ascending too. Many lightworker’s and starseed’s have been so excited at the prospect of spiritual awakening these past years, that we have somewhat ignored our emotional body. We instead empowered our spirit body with our reclaimed spiritual power and light.

Now we are balancing the needs of the emotional body. Deep wounds or experiences that take tremendous energy to clear, are now coming to the surface. The strong energy of our spirit body can offer backup support. November’s energy is the catalyst offering tremendous support and opportunity along with Mercury’s retrograde and the powerful new and full moons.

As we connect with the ancient ascension codes within us we will find the strength and energy to rise above the conditions in our physical and emotional bodies that require support and healing.

The astrological lineup for November supports beautifully our accessing the 11:11 Galactic codes and our emotional vulnerability.

Mercury the planet of communication went retro-grade Oct 28th and will go direct Nov 17th. This signals a time of inner reflection, bringing things left undone to completion. It is a time that highlight’s ALL manner of relationships and demands honesty and insight within our inner and outer modes of communication.

Nov 5th Full Moon - 4:59 am PST. This full moon prepares the way for the 11:11 doorway and Galactic light download. It focuses a laser beam into our relationships, how we value them, ourselves and the healthy balance that is necessary.

Nov 20th New Moon – 2:19 pm PST. The new moon is always a time new beginnings, planting new seeds. Those seeds are the ones created from the Full Moon two weeks before. What you plant today will be greatly affect the coming month and the deeper growth from the 11:11 download. It is a much needed “reality check”.

The beauty of the 11:11 and the intensified Cosmic Light is that it is Holographic energy. When we connect to the whole of our being (eg our lightbody, where all 4 bodies are in balanced) and affect change in one part (eg our emotional body or physical body) we then affect change in the whole – based on the principles of the hologram.

The energy of November will support our 11:11 code activation and at the same time enhance our ability to anchor that galactic light and energy to the planet. It will encourage deep truthful examination of our relationships with our loved ones, our bodies, our communities and most importantly our beloved planet.

It holds many gifts and opportunity, but it will also be challenging and will require great resolve to stay focused and centered. The polarization upon the planet and the chaos from it can be very distracting – we will need to stay grounded to earth and supporting each other.

As you connect with your galactic codes on the 11:11 remember to offer that amplified energy and light to our beloved mother earth. Be a lightening rod for this energy and know that this then in turn supports her emotional body healing in a kind and nurturing way.

May your month be filled with higher evolutionary processes and deep joy in your hearts.

Love and Deep Blessings,



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I was born 11/17 and i ALWAYS see the clock at 11:17, even my husband does! in fact, he complains because he doesn't see the clock at 1:26, his birthday:rolleyes: i told him he needs to start tapping into his intuition!

i notice 11:11 too, and i work at a casino, and certain numbers always pop up there too.



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Hey all, i started seeing 11:11 when i was seperating from my partner about 4 years ago. It has stayed with me since and i see it regularly as well as 22:22. It freaked me out at first which drew me to look it up on the internet and finding forums on the subject. A few times it's had happened when shopping too where the total comes to it and i always kinda jump when that happens which gets me strange looks from assistants. My full name adds to 11 with the soul number as 22, my birthday is 29 and my birth time 4.25. Depending on which system is used my birthdata adds to either 4 or 22. My nodes and saturn are at 29th degree too (very karmic) with saturn at the point of a yod opp quaoar also at 29deg (not sure what quaoar represents..). When i moved to my new town, i asked a friend to note what time i signed the papers at the letting was 4.04. Strangely i had already done a chart for that exact time beacuse the sabian symbol seemed to suit but obv couldnt be sure it would be at that exact time. When i did the numerology for the name of the road it added to 44. I took this as a good sign esp when the day i moved there was a magnificent sunset of orange & turquoise, my fav colours. I have 3 cats, 1 born on th 4th and the other 2 are fellow 29er's (twin 11's = 11:11) and are leap year cats so have birthdays every 4 years..Dontcha love synchronicity! Hadnt realised 21/12/2012 equalled 11..spooky.

Arian Maverick

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Neither my family members nor I were born on November 17th, but I see 11:17 all of the time--and now, as I type, it's 9:17 PM according to my faulty computer clock. I see 11:17 more than 11:11 now, it seems, but it doesn't have any special significance to me...

Arian Maverick