Terrible intrigued with something peculiar in my chart

Levi Sinner

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Hi guys!

* My 3rd house: Aries sun + Pisces Mercury + Aries Jupiter + Aries North Node
* My 12th house: Sagittarius Saturn + Sagittarius Uranus + Capricorn Neptune

Could someone help me understand this? What could a full 3rd and 12th house mean?
Thank you


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The result is not favourable or benefic.
You got to raise money as demand of time will be there.

Someone new might be on your way...

Good luck


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A tenanted house generally indicates that the matters ruled by that house are special areas of focus for you. With your sun, NN, Jupiter, and Mercury there, one or more of the following themes is probably very important to you: thinking, communicating. Siblings, neighbourhood, short-distance travel.

Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are slow moving planets, that were transiting together for several years. You'd share their sign placements with everybody about your own age. Then they have to show up in a chart somewhere. I'd have to see the chart to say more about them.