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I would love to be more selfaware


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hi emotionalaquarius
don't be sorry. the more information you give the better a interpretation can be made.

off the top you have a very interesting aspect of "karma" or destiny.

the vertex is conjunct your north node opposed to Neptune conjunct the south node.

Neptune's gives a strong psychic energy. this manifest in dreams or visions. with Neptune on the south node you can even have dreams that continue when you awake or you can visions that come to you when you are conscious.t his aspect makes you extremely sensitive to the feelings and vibrations of other people. your visions can sometimes see into their lives
the vertex with the node shows that you are subject to other worldly feelings or experiences. these energies can confuse as they can bring visions that may not apply to your life directly. but this shows that unusual coincides will come around you. often there seems to be some sort of karma involved or a sense of destiny can arise as you like may be changed in ways you could never imagine.

the Venus/sun and Venus/Uranus midpoints are also conjuncts to your south node and Neptune. this gives you a very strong emotional and sexual attraction/ it draws men to you as this is a very alluring aspect. it strengthens your attractiveness .this usually shows many relationship or lovers. but with Neptune, you may be drawn to men whose influence is not healthy. wit this aspect you must be very careful wit alcohol of drugs as you system is very sensitive to these substances. Neptune's position also shows that doctors will often misdiagnoses you because you have a unique body chemistry and any test they give you will likely be wrong. if you have serious health problems always see at least 2 different doctors.

your vebsu is square to eris which again highlights your emotional and sexual energies. this shows you have strong emotional and sexual energies but eris does not usually turn the sexua energy into love. Venus is sextile to psyche showing you have a romantic ad sensitive nature , but eris brings me who usually are only interested in the physical side of you.

your psyche/eros midpoint is conjunct your south node so once agion, your sexual attractiveness is increased at the same time that your romantic and idealist yearning for love becomes right off the top I can see many heartbreaks for you, because you fall deeply in love, but most often the men are only into lust of your body.

you have chiron on your ascendant which marks you as very intelligent ans analytical. yo have a very critical mind and you always get to the center of any subject you study. chiron shows you are very penetrating in your thoughts but chiron also lacks tact, so if you see hypocrisy in a person, you will tell them . you don't hold back when you see the truth. the problem is ,you can lose friends because most people to want to hears the unvarnished truth about themselves tha you can supply. your satrun is conjunct to sedan which is similar to chiron in that you respect and expect truthfulness, though sedna is not so outspoken as chiron is .

you moon is sextile to Saturn which gives you a level head. you are practical and realistic in mundane matters of life.your life is well organized and you always have appropriate response to the environmental questions.

your sun is conduct to Uranus which gives you strong psychic and astral sensitivity . you have vivid astral dreams that are often prophetic. you often have common dreams with friends or lovers. this aspect makes you very changeable. you are always looking for new experiences and usual friends or lovers.

the venus/psyche midpoint is conjunct your sun/Uranus conjunction with shows that most men see you as a goddess. your psychic aura affect others invisibly and your physical/sexual nature overwhelms many men.

you seems to have a magic around you and you move so smoothly,may think you are floating instead of walking so great are your psychic energies .

but underneath allthese attractive energies , you have dark desires arounf =you also.

your mars/venus midpoint is opposed to Orcus. this increases your sexual energy but in a dark manner, which means you attract men you want to dominate and control you. this aspect also shows that you have been abused as a child and you may be afraid of love because in the past your love has been turned to pain and cruelty.
your nessus is conjunct to lilith which again shows your beauty has brought you pain as it is likely your suffered sexual abuse as a child.0

your ceres is at midheaven showing you are competent in all you do or are assigned to and you are nurturing and protective of those around you or under your charge. but if you are attacked unjustly you will strike back within the bounds set for you. you are sensitive but you are no pushover.

your sun/moon midpoint is square to the Saturn/pluto midpoint which again reflects a difficultchildhood. this also indicates you are a very bottom line person. this means that there is no gray areas in you mind. elements are either right or wrong, black or white. you make decisions with no if ands or but. you are a survivor which means that life can beat you down but life will never break you. you always arise from the ashes so to speak stronger than before.

which so much sensitivity and ethereal feelings ,some could misjudge you and think you are a pushover, but appearance can be deceiving as underneath your sensitivity, you are hard as rock.

your Jupiter/juno midpoint is conjunct to the moon which show a successful marriage in the future. this apect also shows your high intelligence and suggest you should pursue your high education as you have an aptitude for teaching, law or economics/business



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Sagittarius Jupiter

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I would love to be more selfaware

you have a great chart! :)
Full of life! What stands out in your chart is your North Node! In Cancer/Leo. Opposite Neptune, of all places. It means you're a radical person.

However, your Venus says you're a soft person. What you are is a communicator! :)
Your strength is your fifth house - ! Your creativity! Are you very creative?
You are a very friendly person! Moon and Mercury in Aquarius/Pisces...and all. :) Indeed!
And so, your strength lies in your creativity! Trust me, you are! Great, and all! :)
Jupiter Saturn in Aries/Taurus means you are radical, to the core! :) You are somewhat soft, though... Pluto in Sag.
Sun in Aquarius is very radical. But you know how to bring it on!
Trust Me, your transits are good this year! Next year, you want partnership!
How do you feel about yourself? Radical, or what? ;)
Therefore, where do you want to go?