Telepathy and Air Signs


I am a libra and most of my close family are also libras and I can say with certainty we have a way of connecting and communication without actually speaking. Its not something I ever thought to call telepathy but for example I was thinking about something involving my aunt who I am super close to and is also a libra and as soon as I picked up my phone to text her I recieved a text from her. Phenomenon like that happen to me regularly.


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That is so awesome! :) No need to use a telephone when you have telepathy to get the message across quicker. Air signs have that innate ability. A personal witness of it. I came across two Aquarius sending electric sonic waves through the atmosphere once and gosh the intensity of their innovative, revolutionary minds just made my knees buckle. All I could do was kneel at their greatness.


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I do feel like there's something to having strong Air placements in water houses when it comes to telepathy/communicating unconsciously. Obviously other combinations can lead to gifts of a different nature, but this combo is unique in this regard.

My Sun/Mars are conjunct in the Libra 12th at the apex of a T-Square involving Merc, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and my NN is in Aquarius in the 4th. It's definitely been the case with me.


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My husband and I are telepathic since the day we’ve met. Not like complete conversations, more feeling each others energy; mood shifts, who we're with, things like that. Bit creepy, I can pick up things from others, but not nearly as strong as with him. We both have an Aquarian sun (same degree) :innocent: