Tattoo's and Piercings

cph said:
A drunk gemini?

Nothing in gemini!

Let's look at the personal aspects... Midheaven/Ascendent. And Uranus for that uniqe expression. ;)

She is Virgo Asc 06,28 (Almost as me but i don't want this stuff, i'm happy with my two earpiercings and might get my navel pierced... But only if it's "Perfect" some day.) She har Jupiter in the first house to. Jupiter is almost unaspected but conjunct ASC and North node.

Mars (Pis 15°04') Ascendant (Vir 06°28') app. opposition (180°00') orb: 8°36'
Jupiter (Vir 04°57') Ascendant (Vir 06°28') sep. conjunction (0°00') orb: 1°31'
Uranus (Cap 18°00') Midheaven (Tau 24°47') wax. sep. trine (120°00') orb: 6°46'
Neptune (Cap 18°57') Midheaven (Tau 24°47') wax. sep. trine (120°00') orb: 5°49'
Pluto (Sco 22°15') Midheaven (Tau 24°47') sep. opposition (180°00') orb: 2°31'

Aries Stellium
Aries Sun in house 9
Aries Mercury in house 8
Aries Venus in house 8

Venus (Ari 11°22') Saturn (Aqu 17°05') wax. app. sextile (60°00') orb: 5°43'
Venus (Ari 11°22') Uranus (Cap 18°00') wax. app. square (90°00') orb: 6°38'
Venus (Ari 11°22') Chiron (Leo 03°26') wan. sep. trine (120°00') orb: 7°57'
Venus (Ari 11°22') Pallas (Cap 07°19') wax. sep. square (90°00') orb: 4°03'
Venus (Ari 11°22') Juno (Ari 08°23') sep. conjunction (0°00') orb: 3°00'
Venus (Ari 11°22') Vertex (Aqu 08°54') wan. app. sextile (60°00') orb: 2°29'
Venus (Ari 11°22') Black Moon (Aqu 09°32') wax. sep. sextile (60°00') orb: 1°50'

Uranus in the fifth
Moon (Lib 18°03') Uranus (Cap 18°00') wan. sep. square (90°00') orb: 0°03' :eek:
Uranus (Cap 18°00') Neptune (Cap 18°57') app. conjunction (0°00') orb: 0°57'
Uranus (Cap 18°00') Pluto (Sco 22°15') wax. app. sextile (60°00') orb: 4°15'
Uranus (Cap 18°00') Vesta (Vir 11°30') wan. sep. trine (120°00') orb: 6°30'
Uranus (Cap 18°00') Midheaven (Tau 24°47') wax. sep. trine (120°00') orb: 6°46'

Venus Square Uranus/Uranus Trine Moon? I'm find it quite cute but would never do it myself. I have 4 planets in Capricorn good dam it.:D

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MarieCamery said:
Before, when she was younger- I wouldn't think a Virgo rising would be so extreme fashion. My teenager has natal retrograde Venus in Aries (in its detriment). She is Virgo rising. Jupiter is in the first house in libra. She is an Aries sun. She has the wide ear piercings, Pink hair and eyebrows.She is coming with to great gramma 90th bday at the retirement home this month,and I think shes gonna turn alot of heads as usual.--------


My friend Aries Sun friend with Virgo rising and Jupiter in the first have not so many at the same time. But she like piercings and often change (Yes Aries, i get it).



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Inside Out Orange said:
Anyone got a feel for what astrological aspects might lead the native to getting either or both of these? They seem a lot more common these days than a decade or so ago.

i think it has a lot to do with Asce and Sun.. because people get tats and piercings to make a statement or identify themselves with a certain group or groups or if one is bored sitting in a prison has nothing to draw on so he draws on his.her own skin or someone else's

So that brings a question
How many people have tattoos here?
i got none. I like my baby skin



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Inside Out Orange said:
But equally some guys do like them ...

But we're all different and unique to each other. Wouldn't it be joining the crowd to go get a tattoo?
No, it wouldn't be since not everyone is an Aries sun coupled with a Virgo rising and no one will have the same meaning as I will label mine with; mine was to prove to myself that after a horrible tramau (one of which effected by brain, it's ok now) that I could learn a subject, and here I am- learning Astrology.

I will look to that tattoo when I need strength, so I can't say anyone else will do the exact same.

Of course, some do and some don't and right now... I don't care as much anymore.


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I have one (a butterfly) also have an 8th house stellium so this is really representing transformation, for me I got it at 17 or 18 as a connect the dots kinda cross, my girlfriend made it with india ink and a sterile needle. then when I met my exhusband, he had a finished one of a skeleton pirate on his shoulder. I went in to pick the butterfly, to finish it when I was 19 or so. The crazy naive part of my life ended when I got that butterfly, I became a responsible person I had my first child at 20, a very changed person. Saturn return past I got a divorce. few yrs later remarried. Now I have three kids, that tattoo was 16yrs ago. I just went thru a miscarriage, and today dyed my hair red and cut it real short. I think I want another tattoo now. (saturn transiting my 8th squaring my natal saturn in my 5th conjuncting my 8th natal stellium of marsvirgo, sun,pluto,merc,uranus in libra. What else am I gonna do next!!

Inside Out Orange

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Ouch ... not-so-fun times ahead with Pluto about to square all those planets ... esp. Sun, Mercury and Pluto ... how did it go with the square to Mars last year?


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Well, thats a good question. I gotta look back at the timing now. I am realising now that there were alot of stressful times. Starting on my Bday in 2007-I ended up in th ER, but I won't go on about it here (cause it doesn't relate to Tats & piercings) I will have to post a thread on it all later. MCamry

Plutonian Persona

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Personally I think that if you're going to alter your body in some way, why not go all out??? It would be cool if the newest trend was either neck rings like the Padaung tribe of Burma or clay lip discs like some African that would be quite a sight!


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Hi there,
I've got a tattoo , is in the back on my neck.I made it when i was 21.I pondered this act when i was 18, but i was afraid, what my parents are going to say.Then the first week of April(7th 2001:D), i made a descision.And a week later i have got looks like a figure, but most of the people say that it looks like a bird.It red, and black.
I have piercing on my ears.But i don't like piercing to other body parts.
And i don't want to have more tattoos.
I made it, because i wanted to prove to myself that i have enough courage to do what i want, no matter what the others say.

P.s-My grandma still thinks that the tattoo is not permanent.:rotflmao:
Well i i have Uranus square Mars, and Jupiter.
My Venus is in Gemini(2nd h)square Saturn(5th, Virgo), also opposing Neptune(8th Sag) and Venus trine Pluto(6th).I don't know which aspect is responsible for that, But i guess Uranus......


I only have one tattoo so far. That one took me at least half a year to contemplate over before I had it done. I'm expecting to have other tattoos in time, but I have to be definite.

A few things I noticed about the date I had my tattoo done are: Venus was conjunct my natal Jupiter. North Node was very close to being conjunct my Arian Ascendant. Mars in Gemini was trine my natal Aquarian Sun. Moon opposition Ascendant, and Saturn opposition Sun.

I had the tattoo put on my forearm. Mars was in Gemini at the time, which was almost in my 3rd house.

Another interesting thing about tattoos is that people get them done for different reasons. Some for the sake of art, some for the sake of remembering something, some to give an event permanence and some because they thought it was a cool idea at the time. The reason people get tattoos have varying levels of deepness. In saying this I feel there are many are a lot of aspects and configurations in which someone might want to be tattooed. Different configuations would give different reasons for wanting to be inked.


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Mars over the ascendant, or mars aspecting the ascendant (or asc ruler) would most likely indicate interest in piercings. I have had three facial piercings and seven ear piercings all together. I am Scorpio rising, and mars is rising. :)

I think tattoos are a bit different though, as I'm not crazy about them. :D


I want a tattoo or tattoos to symolise who i am astrologicly and for other reasons i'm not sure of, could transformation as i am a heavy scorpio.
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heyo im cancer wit sag asc, aries moon, and i have a molotov cocktail on my left forearm that is solid black (symbolizing the fire inside me that even when i didnt know this astrostuff i knew i had either way, and it serves as a reminder to always stay positive and never let negativity take over my mindset: in which case ill figuratively throw a molotov cocktail at any negativity, no matter how powerful it seems to be). its solid black symbolizing where the energy comes from: nothing. if you understand that i applaud you

ive had both ears, both nostrils, three vertical labrets in my lip, a septum, and more tatoos are definitely on the way so feel free to check my chart out if you need/want sall good


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cph said:
Another pisces-virgo axis (pisc asc/virgo desc) person nodding her head here. I also don't like visible labels and branding, i thought it was just my cap sun considering it bad taste, never thought it might have something to do with mars aquarius, and drive for originality, too. Interesting.

Pisces Asc/Libra desc and I have piercings :)

Mars is in virgo, so I like to keep it simple and think it through before getting stuff done on my body.


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I have 7 ear piercings too. I wanted to pierce my navel but the poor Virgo husband (ex now) was ready to get a brain stroke whan he heard that :eek: . I used to put tatoo (fake only) before I go to the beach and after sweeming, tatoos were washed away by the sea. Now, about face pearcing, as AG wrote at one of her posts, it is hard to hide Mars in 1th and since I have it, my face is ``naturaly pierced`` since even a chandeller felt from a ceiling on my nose (the scarf is small - that is good thing).
But, I have a small diamond on my tooth which can be seen only if I smile with all of my face.
My Venus is in Capricorn and I don`t know where this ``progressive`` ideas for changing my look come from.
I am Sag./ Pisces, Mars and Chiron in 1th. Uranus sextile Sun and Sun is in conj. (or exactly on MC - since my Sun is 0,06 degrees from MC) with MC. Venus trines Moon.
Best regards


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i got a tattoo when i turned 18
(the same day
uranus had just crossed AC corny..its on my shoulderblade
i would modify and add to it if i had some spending money



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No Tattoos.
Was afraid to wake up with a giant battleship on my chest 10 years later.
I pierced my left ear, drunk with my roommate at Walmart, he had a free pass so I didn't pay.
Took it out after a few weeks.
Still have a bump on my lobe, small.

I just decided to take it out....didn't want anyone pulling it through my lobe by accident.

My younger brother has his toung pierced...and a few in his ears....
Capricorn, everything in the second house...well..almost everything.
I accidentally slapped his right ear right after he pierced it, started to bleed some...he never told me he had it done and we were playing around some, he has long hair, couldn't see it, and I just bumped it soft with my hand but it was enough..
His chart is VERY hard to read....

An old friend of mine from highschool had one done on his back after he turned 18. I havn't seen him for a few years. Never showed his parents...chances are they still don't know. He's like that.....It was huge..shoulderblade to shoulderblade...down to the base of his spine. Never had enough money to have it colored in later on, and although he lied, everyone knew he didn't like it after a few months...too bad. I don't remember what it was now, some type of bird like thing, wings across shoulderblades....

I've just never wanted one...couldn't settle on anything..a design..I change the wallpaper on my computer every other day...I just couldn't be happy with something I couldn't remove easy.

They can look really cool.
Like this one.

The artwork is amazing..those eyes look real. Well...for an alien.
There's just no way I could live with anything like that very long.
If I could do it for a day, I would have fun with it.

Maybe it's simply indecision or that I think things through.
Libra stellium.
I would have had a virgo asc progressed by the time I even thought of getting one, a tattoo, so who knows.
Piercings, I just don't find them maybe it is some earth thing, or that I simply do not want to have one riped out by accident.
Maybe I'm just a wuss, so no earth, maybe water...who knows.


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I am sure there isnt one single aspect which is shared by those who have Tattoo's and Piercings
But I am inclined to think that Uranus "hard" aspects to personal planets in particular the Sun or Mars could well be found to be more predominant in this group that say the average cross section .

That being said, I am not suggesting that all with Uranus in aspect to personal planets do have Tattoo's and Piercings

Under certian cirumstances it seems to me that this aspect could be "more likely to" have Tattoo's and Piercings

Some of the reasons could be perhaps include to 'shock the mainstream' a wish to be a part of the group of people who have Tattoo's and Piercings or a group slightly outside what they perceive as the mainstream.

Or to come from another direction I shall use myself as the opposite example - I myself prefer to present a conservative image to the world but contain my alternative or unorthodox views more within me and express them more on a need to basis. This is quite likely related to my strong Saturn on the midheaven which also conjuncts my Sun. This example of myself just indicate the other polarity. Also I dont like to be a part of the "crowd" and see any group thing as putting me there. I tend to like to shift in and out of groups as I go along. I think this is my Leo Sun which doesnt want to feel absorbed by any group or trend. For some reason (is it bizarre) but I just feel that Tattoo's and Piercings would put me firmly & obviously into a group. I may sounds stange to some also and I am not even sure why it is so but it is - for me.
It could be to do with my Libra Moon which likes to keep its options open incase it changes its mind. This is actually the predicimant of the Libra energy - its likes to have its cake & eat it too and or it likes to committ but have to option not to committ eg it likes a backout strategy which can easily be actioned
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nejispirit said:
Well, as far as tattoos go, before this year is over I am determined to have a tattoo that represents who I am Astrologically :D; I personally have never wanted to get a tattoo, always finding the idea of being ridiculous for myself and didn't want to possibly "taint" how I look, or perhaps take away from the pure innocence of just my body. (that may sound odd, but innocence meaning unmarked by a tattoo)

But, last year I had a horrid event occur and when I came back from the hospital, I began to study Astrology- and it proved to me, despite horrible injuries, that I can adeptly learn a new subject and begin to help spread the knowledge of it to others who are intrigued by it as I. So now I want to mark myself for having "achieved" this and proven to myself once again that I am a capable young woman can learn virtually anything I put my mind to.

I have only two piercings, both my ears, and might get an eyebrow or nose piercing in the near future.

I'm really not sure what aspects could make a person want that, let me look at my friend's chart whom has many a piercing: well, she has an Aries Jupiter in the 8th, so perhaps this helped her to be more inclined to do something almost occultish/unique, helps her be more open minded in that way?

Her rising is Virgo and she has a Virgo moon in the first house, I'm not sure how that would play out for wanting so many piercings :confused:.

Yeahhh it's reallllly weird. Tatoo's seems to be a virgo thing. I would never think it, but I know alot of Virgos and Virgo-esque people who are into Tatoos and piercings.