T Nept sq N Sun/Nept/Merc and T Uranus trines N Sun at the same time: who wins


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I hope someone can help me figure this out.
What happens when two co-ocurring transits seem counter forces to each other?
I mean T Nept sq N Sun is notoriously negative and God knows I've been under its spell (and it's going on forever and it ain't pretty :annoyed:). But T Uranus from my 2nd house now trines (within 2.5 degrees) my Sun in the beginning of my 10th house not far from my MC. :surprised:
Is this a case of something good cancelling something bad since they co-occur?
Any chance something good may actually occur after all this Nept_sq_Sun/Merc/Mept misery?
How does it play out when two transits of about equal strength but of opposing general direction co-occur? Is the bad or the good guy the winner?

I would truly welcome your feedback and I have attached my current natal and transits chart fyi and for your help with specifics.

thanks a bunch,


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Hi Suimui10. That's an interesting question. I don't think that two contrasting transits can ever cancel each other out. Both energies are there and need to be expressed. I guess that they could keep each other's extremes in check if one is in touch with both of them. Uranus and Neptune are opposites in one sense, because Uranus is airy and independent, and Neptune watery and longing for fusion. But together they could bring a lack of groundedness because they are both inimical to Saturn and earthy energy in general.

Looking at your natal chart, although you have Aquarius rising and Mars in Aquarius in the first house, Uranus doesn't seem to be as strong as Neptune, which is conjunct Sun and MC, and opposite the Moon, all within very respectable orbs. But the water element is weakly represented by sign placement, and you say that the Neptune transit has felt very difficult, so I'm wondering if you have always tried to shut Neptune out in order to remain independent (Aquarius) self-motivated (Sagittarius) and self-sufficient (Taurus).

There's no escape for you from Neptunian energy because of its natal strength. You might want to review what has been going on for you during the Neptune transit, what you felt you were struggling against, and how you can find room in your values for this thing. The Uranus transit will probably be weaker, because the aspect is a trine rather than a major hard aspect, and because Uranus will pass by more quickly. Its conjunction with natal Chiron, and thus its triggering of the natal trine to Sun and Mercury, could bring new awareness of how you can make the most of that very philosophical configuration (Sagittarius, Chiron, Mercury.)

The combined effect of the transits could be to awaken you to other ways of being, and also to help you to find ways to express your Aquarian ascendant along side your Sun Neptune MC stellium - or in other words how to find your Neptunian goal (Sun, MC) down an Aquarian road (acsendant).

At the moment transiting Saturn is semisquare your natal Sun, and this may reflect your desire to simplify these other transits into a manageable and predictable formula. Saturn may also help you to see any parts of your life that are not appropriate to who you really are, and to consolidate something out of the inspiration that may be available to you at this time due to the Uranus and Neptune transits. The Saturn transit will fade more quickly of course so make the most of it!

I don't know what else to say until I have more of a sense of which parts of your natal chart you're in touch with, and also what problems you have been experiencing during the Neptune transit...


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Hi Miquar,

Thanks very much for looking at it and for your response.
I had to chuckle and node like crazy upon reading this:
I'm wondering if you have always tried to shut Neptune out in order to remain independent (Aquarius) self-motivated (Sagittarius) and self-sufficient (Taurus).
You simply hit the nail on the nail here. Yes, this is indeed the first time in my life I realize the strong Neptunian role on my MC. All my life, I have done exactly as you said: stayed independent, very self-motivated and very down to earth. And yes now all three have gone up on thin air since I lost my job, and have been having a very hard time to come back in a career and financial independence that I worked so hard to build.
I cannot for the life of me figure out what to do with Neptune in my MC. I am not an artist. I love to mess with colors but I've no talent more than that of a 2yr. doodling on a piece of paper. I do love to write. But I have no clue how to make this into a career without any kind of connections in the field. I'm lost basically. This is the abyss of the Neptunian square that I have been through. May I ask by the way when you see this square finally leaving me? It can never be soon enough. :(
I was hoping Uranus in my 2nd and T Sat over my Jup soon and Uranus trine my MC and Sun and Merc might help me find my way. I see no light in the end of the tunnel though so any advice on where/what to focus would be really appreciated.
As you guessed, in my "previous" life I was anything but lost. Truly, very hard to explain this to someone who doesn't know me, but you got it right by looking at my chart and so I'm sharing the truth of the matter.

thanks muchly for any further help on the matter,
Sui :)


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Hi. I'm afraid you're looking at spring 2013 before transiting Neptune moves finally moves away from squaring your Sun, but the effects of the transit will wax and wane within that time period.

I don't think you need to be artistic to express Neptune. I think perhaps you need to surrender to the confusion as fully as you can (while obviously looking after yourself on a practical level as well) and see what inspiration comes to you from your inner imaginal world. Neptune is about escaping from the responsibilities and hardships and isolation of the ordinary world. Vehicles could include novels, spiritual practise, being 'at one' with nature, losing yourself in compassionate service, music, or just letting the world carry on without you while you slob out and just drift, or do some more writing. I'm not the most Neptunian person myself, so I'm probably not the best person to offer suggestions. If no-one else adds to this thread maybe you could start another asking for help. Owning one's helplessness can be a significant step in befriending Neptune.


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I appreciate your input very much.
It is indeed very hard for me to take Neptune seriously when all I want to do is get out the door and make things happen! I guess that's my Saggie Sun talking.
I think it's a great idea to ask for help on how to appease my Neptune. I'll do this on a separate thread, but I'm not sure which sub-board is suitable for such message. I'll try this one I think.
I checked the ephemeris and you're right about the dates but I feel I'm at the end of the hardest part. There's one more pass coming up in Nov/Dec and ironically the Uranus trine of my Sun transit also becomes exact in Nov, the month of my birthday too. Let's hope all this activity will show me the way out of this long dark tunnel.
I am also taking note of your points about Neptune. Thanks so much.

Sui :)