Synatry between sidereal chart and placidus chart


What would happen if we did a synastry reading between one person's placidus natal chart and the other person's sidereal natal chart? I didn't get to see if other people are doing this or if this is even a practice. Has anyone ever done it? I think it would be an intresting way to analyse the synastry between 2 people. It's just a thought that popped up in my mind. What are your opinions?


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Probably nothing.

I don't think there is that big of a difference in tropical vs sidereal astrology. Only the accidental rulerships change.
For example, in my chart I have Jupiter conj. Asc - this will stay the same regardless of zodiac offset used. Any configuartions an aspect to said planet (for example, my moon trine jupiter will happen regardless of zodiac system)
What would change is the planet that rules the ac, but I think that's less important than the configuration between planets.

You can likely apply any traditional book to both Sidereal and Tropical charts and arrive at the same conclusions, I will admit that some things might be easier to see in sidereal vs tropical and vice-versa, depending how accidental rulerships change.


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Daisy, sidereal (star-based) is a type of zodiac used in Hindu and some western astrology. The signs overlap to some extent with the constellations for which they were named. The tropical (sun-based) zodiac is the primary one used in western astrology. It pegs the spring equinox to 0 degrees Aries. The two systems split in late Roman times, and are now about 24 degrees apart.

Placidus, in contrast, is a particular type of house system. You could apply Placidus houses (or any house system) to either the tropical or sidereal zodiac.