Synastry with tight orbs on asteroids/etc.


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Can anyone comment on this synastry? I don't have the accurate birth time nor location for the first person, but because both the Mercury and Mars were retrograde, using the maximum time zone difference, and also covering 24 hours span in all time zones,

Mercury can be at 1 deg 55 to 0 deg 46 in Taurus (1 degree window, retrograde)
Venus can be at 18 deg 46 to 20 deg 49 in Aries (2 degree window)
Moon can be at 29 deg 30 in Capricorn to 19 deg 25 in Aquarius (~20 degree window)

All other planet/asteroid positions would easily be within 1 degree accuracy (including Mercury & Sun) as shown graphically for the first person, except Moon, AC/MC, PofF, Vertex obviously due to lack of accurate birth time/location.

Everything for the second person is as accurate as it can be.

I positioned the Venus of the second person to the first person's AC, which resulted the Moon also conjuncting AC of the second person, and also resulted the midpoint of Sun/Moon of the first person exactly opposite to the midpoint of the Sun/Moon of the second person.

Because both charts are locomotives, even when Moon is not at 3 degree Aquarius, it's very likely that there would be some aspect formed (loose or tight).

I counted only trine, sextiles, conjunction, opposition, and square aspects, and there were 97 aspects formed using 40% default orb, not counting any aspects from Moon, AC, MC, PofF, Vertex. Almost all of the sextiles that I counted are within 1 degree orb.

That's for 24 columns of planets/asteroid, and so on the average, there were 4+ aspects formed per column in the table, and every planet/asteroid is connected to something. I compared to a couple of other synastry charts, and other ones may only have half as many aspects using the same criteria.

Are these asteroid connections significant? The only personal planet connection (besides dubious positions of Moon/AC/etc) is Mars trine Venus with about 3 degree orb, and Sun square Venus. There were various Mercury connections too. Then, there were lots of aspects from outer planets to inner planets.

Many thanks in advance.


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