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I met this woman a while ago and it has made me feel things I have not felt in a while. I find myself to be incredibly attracted to her personality. We have been together for 3 months now and the relationship already knows its ups and downs. Partially I think because we are both a little scared of our feelings. And we both have pain that lays in the past. There are moments when we speak as if we had known each other for years and others where we are as near strangers. We talk every single day because we are so comfortable around each other, and the presence of either makes us feel at home.
I have this desire to be there for her because of her past she doesn't have many people around her. At first there was dishonesty on her part largely because she was frightened of the feelings she experienced for me. After having had long and deep conversations together we were able to crack the nut if you will and she allowed herself to be open and vulnerable. But I need time to be able to fully trust her again. I was hoping if anyone could look at our synastry and tell me what they see. Either so that I can relate it to things I have figured on my own as confirmation or as addition to something that hasn't caught my eye. For instance, is this relation meant to be one where we are to help each other in someway and then move on again? Or is there a more long lasting element to it as the moon conjunct saturn might suggest. Or are we perhaps more suitable to be friends instead of lovers?


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If you want to get a clearer image of what your main synastry issues are, you might reset the ‘aspect’ settings in your chart, and only include the planets. When you have the angles and the asteroids included, there are way too many aspects drawn in the centre circle.

It is too cluttered to get a clear idea of what the main issues are, in my opinion.

Also, do you have the correct time for her birth chart? I ask because there is an interesting connection between your charts: Her Ascendant conjunct your Descendant. That is very powerful so I am wondering if it is correct…

Either way, her Neptune/Uranus is sandwiched around your Descendant. I am very curious how that plays out in your relationship. It would seem there might be many ups and downs and inconsistencies in her feelings or reactions towards you and the relationship?

Neptune leads her towards putting you on a pedestal and looking at this relationship with rose coloured glasses, seeing the best in you.

And yet Uranus has sudden mood swings and sudden feelings of needing to end things and to walk away in order to get some space…

She has these two conflicting planets sandwiching her Ascendant, but your Descendant falls into alignment, so you get added to the mix when she has a sudden change of heart?

Her Sun/Mercury in Scorpio is in a tense square with her Aquarian Uranus/Neptune rising, resulting in an internal struggle with her own emotional well being. I think she has an internal conflict, between being in love and going with the emotional flow, and being independent and solitary, and creating her own path in the world.

Your Venus/Jupiter/Pallas /North Node stellium in Scorpio in your emotional 4th house is conjunct her Sun/Mercury in Scorpio. So you have a lot to offer her emotionally. Jupoiter/Venus offers unconditional Love and help, gifts and encouragement. You are very supportive and tender, even when she falls short of expectations.

I am a little concerned about the Moon/Pluto conjunction squaring the Moon/Saturn conjunction.

Your Moon is conjunct her Pluto. You can feel her intensity and you love it, desire it and want more of it. That is a good thing.

But Her Moon is conjunct your Saturn. She can feel your doubt and uncertainty, even your pessimism about her true feelings. That makes her uncomfortable, and perhaps even resentful at times?

Your Moon in Sag represents your optimism and great faith while the Saturn indicates you do have some skepticism and some doubts. Both of your Moons, your emotional realms, are caught up in that conflict between pessimism and optimism concerning the relationship.


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If your partner's Time of birth is correct, than you do have Ascendant conjunct Descendant in your synastry. That is a very powerful aspect to have with each other. Here are some excerpts that describe it:
Ascendant/Ascendant Aspects in Synastry: I really don’t think this synastry connection gets enough attention! The Ascendant represents our physical appearance, and the way we project ourselves to the world. Thus, aspects (even hard ones) between two people’s Ascendants indicate considerable attraction. This is especially potent if your Ascendant opposes your partner’s Ascendant (or your Ascendant is conjunct your partner’s Descendant). In this case, your partner is likely to consider you to be the “perfect partner,” in terms of your physical appearance.

Ascendant Conjunct Descendant Synastry

The ascendant conjunct descendant synastry aspect is often found in the charts of couples. This aspect indicates a very strong attraction between you.
This conjunction is a very favorable one. It suggests that you are very strongly attracted to each other. This conjunction can indicate physical attraction, but you also find each other’s personality attractive and you have a lot in common. (But you like the same things from a different perspective.)

First impression is important with this conjunction. The ascendant conjunct descendant in synastry can suggest that in some cases, you don’t like each other at first, but later you start to appreciate the differences between you and feel attracted to each other.