Synastry prospects for marriage.


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There are some nice synastry aspects but a so some that are not promising.
Good ones:
your Sun, Merc., Neptune conjunct her south Node
Suns are trine
Your Mars sextile her Pluto,Saturn
Both have Earth sign Ascendants

But these are the difficult ones;

Your Sun, Merc., Neptune conjunct her Uranus
(she may cause you to always feel a little off balance, although this aspect can feel quite exciting it usually indicates instability)
Your Moon opposes her Sun
Your Sun, Merc., Neptune squares her Merc.

And perhaps the most difficult is that your Moon falls in her H6. Luminaries in the others H6 or H12 are very poor positions for romance. These are the houses of service, and indicate realtionships dynamics wher one partner ends up in service to the other., thus not an equal partnership.

I did a Composite chart and attached it here. It's also has a luminary in H12 with the Sun sitting on the H12 cusp. Not a good position for romance and IMO the strength of the Sun and Moon are most important in both synastry and composite.

The big stellium with the Sun promises a strong attraction and a quick feeling of familiarity and ease. These big stelliums are hard to resist and this one is strengthened by a sextile to the Moon. The Nodes being square the Ascendant is actually an indicator for longevity. There are no difficult aspects in the composite which is very rare. No doubt this is a very passionate and exciting relationship, but not without its challenges.

She has Mars square Pluto and Saturn in her natal- strong willed, likes to get her way, perhaps hyper-responsible too? A little controlling maybe? Can you with all your Sagittarius stuff handle that?


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