Synastry: not many aspects between planets


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What has been your e perience between charts with few aspects or with mostly inner to outer planet connections?

My friend and i have a moon trine venus, venus trine neptune, venus conjunct saturn, pluto trine venus and pluto square venus...we have a few merc and aspects, too...
There are, however, some interesting placements in the synastry overlay. But i guess thats not as important.

So, not sure what that says about how we might get along ...maybe not for the long term, huh?
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I can't comment much on inner to outer planet synastry connections, except that it's said over and over that the person with the inner planet will feel the effects of the outer planet in the relationship (ex. If person 1's Saturn is on person 2's Sun, person 2 may feel like the relationship is Saturnian or restricting).
As for lack of inner planet to inner planet aspects, these are telling because without them the relationship is less likely to happen or the people involved won't see much of a reason to stick around each other, as there is no "glue". Even hard aspects give something to work with.
Even though you haven't provided an actual chart, the few aspects you mentioned seem workable imo. Venus conjunct Saturn can be an aspect of loyalty, and Moon-Venus one of comfort.
I'd say if you guys actually get along and the friendship is fufilling, I would not worry about it too much.
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Moon/Venus is my favourite synastry aspect of all time!!

If you have it in your chart with the significant other, count yourself lucky!


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Where did you get the notion that inner planet to outer planet aspects have less importance? They don't.
There are some notorious bad aspects such as one' persons Sun square another's Saturn, or one person's Uranus on or square another person's Mars or Moon. And there are very good ones involving inner and outer planets such as one's Venus on or in good aspect to another's Neptune or Uranus, or ones Mercury with the other person's Pluto or Uranus.

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