Synastry help: karmic relationship doomed?


Hi, my ex of 3 years and I recently broke up and I just have not been coping well at all. I thought about how we always said we felt like we were meant to meet and how I’ve never felt this strong bond with anyone in my life, yet the relationship was never that easy. He said he’s falling out of love with me and I can’t understand how when I swear the connection was so real..

so I’ve done a lot of digging and reading about Karmic relationships and south nodes. Turns out, my Saturn is Conjunct his SN. I feel really sad about this reading how it mostly means there was just lessons to learn/the bond will be incredibly hard to leave. Yet I’ve seen some positive things saying marriages have this aspect or people may do well if they communicate. So I’m just wondering with the rest of our synastry chart is this doomed? Should I move on? Learn my lesson? I’m the type of person who would rather fix things than leave, maybe I need to stop... but we have still been in slight contact since the break up and it’s obvious we both miss eachother to some degree. We are supposed to meet to exchange back our stuff and I’m thinking it’s a bad idea now.

Google drive link to the chart image:


It is infuriating to find that you have been relegated to a learning experience when your feelings were more substantial than that.

The best thing in your synastry was your moon conjunct his venus, and that accounts for the wealth of feelings and the expectation of devotion.

He has Mercury/Jupiter/Neptune which can be a bamboozler. I don't mean he was playing you all along; I just mean he can "explain" his various failings a little too easily. It is not a great synastry. That is little comfort I know, but since you are an astrologer, you should study synastry and use it to your advantage. Finding a better synastry than this one is not a guarantee, but it is your duty if you are an astrologer. Use what you've got so you don't have to endure so much pain.

I know there are a couple of books that condense past lives and karma into the Moon's Node, but that is bunk. I believe in karma and past lives, but I don't believe in astrologers who condense it into the lunar nodes.

If you study karma and reincarnation, you can understand how your entire chart is an expression of certain past lives. Probably every relationship you encounter is karmic--that is you have a past between you and you have unfinished business. If you study reincarnation, you cannot ignore that.

Is "karmic" a junk term into which every loose concept left unexplained can be dumped haphazardly? "You tried in the relationship, but it didn't work in the end. It must have been karmic." That is a senseless use of the word "karmic". Relationships fail for more concrete, pragmatic reasons. "Karmic" doesn't suggest that a relationship was destined to fail. It is more likely to mean that you were destined to meet and work on your stuff, your unfinished business with the intention that you may succeed.

You don't have to suffer. You can avoid the disaster relationships and attract the fulfilling ones if you are determined. Karma is ready to help you do your work. If you are chaotic, then karma will take advantage of that to visit some messes from your past, just so you don't waste a lifetime. If you are focused, karma can put you in the path of the object of your focus.

If you are an astrologer, study synastry and follow its wisdom. It won't guarantee happiness, but it will find you a better match than the last one.

We reincarnate in groups. Most of the people you encounter, you have encountered often before. Karma doesn't mean you are destined to fail and feel confusing pain. It is a much broader concept than that. Don't blame all failures on karma. Karma doesn't deserve it.