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How would you analyze this relationship? How do you start the analysis? In this case I notice the aspects are pretty bad but the house overlays are pretty good. The ascendant in cancer in the second person is not confirmed but it's a guess. Due to the overlays I would qualify it as definitely a partnership but like a really bad partnership.


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more details:

Actually vertex is at 0 degrees cancer for profile 1 (meaning it would be in conjunction of 5 degrees to second persons' mars). another worrying aspect: pluto of profile 1 forms 4 degree opposition to lilith of profile 2. also, profile 1 makes a mars opposition of 8 degrees to profile 2's pluto.

*i am very worried about my mars (profile 1) opposing pluto as my mars seems to oppose the pluto of all people in my generation. It opposes pluto loosely with the people born in my year and forms very strong opposition to any potential partners in the ages directly older then me (up to 7 years)