Synastry and Davison for a fast and committed relationship


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I've been searching all over the internet to try to find some answers to this question on Davison charts, but I've been very confused by the information that I've found. One of my old friends from school ended a relationship with his girlfriend of several years and within 6 months was living with a new girl. They've now been together for maybe 9-10 months, but he just moved and committed so fast in this relationship that it shocked me (basically living together within 1 week and officially before the 3 month mark of the first date). It is her first serious relationship, so I guess that may have something to do with it.

Their synastry seems really nice to me...with several trines and sextiles. Especially all of the trines and sextiles to his new partner's Saturn. But natally, she does have her Venus that is only aspected with a Mars opposition, so I wondered about it being conjunct his Saturn. His Venus has no major aspects natally.

Does this Davison chart (which I understood to mean something about the story of their relationship) mean that they could arguably be "soulmates"? They committed really fast, so I wasn't even sure if using a Davison or composite chart really mattered this early. I didn't really know what to make of a Neptune/Uranus conjunction opp Mars, but with Mars, Pluto and moon, and Mercury in a Grand Water trine? Do you see any dangers in how fast the relationship moved? Would you worry about any particular transits later on in the relationship?

He also happens to have both a T-square (Uranus/Neptune opp Mars and all squared by Mercury) and two kites (Grand water trine for both and one of them with very similar aspects to the Davison kite) in his natal chart as well, might this mean that the relationship resonated particularly well for him? Or could it mean that it resonated particularly well for her because she doesn't have any strong formations in her natal chart?


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