Synastry: 8 planets in my relationship houses

Blue Lioness

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Hey guys,

I have something interesting to share. I recently met this girl and the first time we looked at each other, I felt something really good and it seems to me that she also stopped for a moment. We talked briefly and it was nice. The next day I met her in the same place and we talked for some time and I liked her very much.
I managed to get her birth chart (unfortunately not the time of birth) and get the synastry between us and here's the interesting thing: except for her Jupiter and Moon, all her planets are in my relationship houses, as follows:
- her Pluto in my 5th house
- her Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Mars and Saturn in my 7th house
- her Sun and Mercury in my 8th house

- my north node in 8th house is conjunct her Eros and opposite her psyche
- her north node is conjunct my Neptune in 6th house and opposite my Moon/ASC

I notice that all these planets in my 5th, 7th and 8th houses might have a great effect on me in case we become friends or something else, but how could this synastry touch her? Would she feel something special for me? After all, she has EIGHT of her planets in my relationship houses!