sun opp sun/moon opp moon + north node conjunct sun in synastry?


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regarding this -

is there any other vibes you get from the chart? things jumping out?

also what is the sun opp sun/moon opp moon doing if anything other than showing how different we are?

please be as blunt and direct as possible :)


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With your Sun/Saturn/12th H opposing the partner's Sun this could represent a teacher-student relationship on a karmic level...coming together for mutual learning and teaching.Moons in opposition could offer the potential for emotional balancing between the partners.

Your Moon is conjunct Jupiter which offers growth and expansion of understanding. The partner's node conjunct your Sun/Saturn also suggests a
karmic connection for your own growth, as does your Sun with the partner's Chiron. Pluto conjunct your Moon/Jupiter also shows the potential for powerful healing through the Scorpio energies. Our differences in partnerships offer a potential route for finding balance within.