Sun dasha


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Indeed its possible to know everything in vedic astrology . all it takes faith , dedication ,divine bliss .

your q is very simple yet its very broad subject , we have to look for all , from house lordship to sign ,rasi placement , planets strength and weakness , and its influence on dasa lord . etc .

for you sun is 6th lord , if you know little bit of astro then dasa of 6th , 8th 12th is evil and wont do any good . only exception they should sit in another evil house .( like 6th lord in 8th vice versa ) then only it goes under name of vibareeta raja yoga , sudden unexpected fortune in life . that too after one big trauma . rest other combinations will have to undergo karma .

for you sun as 6th lord palced in 2 gives forgein settlement , eye related troubles , conflicts in family life , financial problems . not only that , sun is with venus 3rd and 8th lord, mercury 4th and 7th . so you see changes in these things , again eye trouble , forgein settlement , money problem . planets associated closely with sun get combust . for u venus and mercury is with sun . so they lost their power . but 6th lord exalted gives you undefeatable courage , powers , whatever it comes you defeat everything and overcome that . so dont worry . also another thing is you get head related problems , it may minor to major . so take care that . bear this sun dasa with courage , after that your moon dasa is very good , he is yoga karaga for your lagna , success comes from all front . life is mixed of ups and down , so accept it and play your role . participating is better than running away from game . so see this sun dasa testing period that god has going to give much happiness in future . ..


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Thank you very much sir,

Do you think Sun dasha is better than Venus dasha? How will be my career during Sun dasha?


you aleady went through venus dasa so no need to tell abt it , as lord of 3rd and 8th you may suffered lot regarding money , relationship etc .

dasa gives results only what/ which planet lord its connected with . only those things happen . for you sun is connected with 2nd, 6th , 8th, 7th ,3rd and 4th and saturn lord of 11th&12th lord . so you get these things only .

your 10th lord is in 10 house , good so no major problems in prof except few changes and indoor politics .

i forgot to tell one thing your jupiter aspect your 2nd house so you are protected from major troubles . dont worry its nice . your whole life is in forgein land only . may be working in private concern , except occassional trouble , no big problem ..
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Thank you very much,

then Jupiter saves my marriage during Sun dasha? right?


Offcourse he does , but at same time domestic quarrels or wife health may get affected . take care of that . or even temporary separation may occur , like your spouse go for professional related tour or stay in her parents house for some period . like that . instead of divorce , sun gives temporary problems between couples , but in the end everything will be fine ..