Sun conjunct Uranus

I have natal sun conjunct Uranus in the 6th house in scorpio, I'm wondering if anyone can give me some insight as to how this can be interpreted in a positive light. I understand this means one has a rebellious nature and resists authority, which I recognise in myself but since it is in the house of service it's hard for me to grasp. Thank you.
Uranus conjunct sun

How do you think uranus conjunct sun influences the chart? I've read that it gives the person an Aquarius like personality, my natal conjunction is in the 6th house in Scorpio. Any interpretations out there?
Some help with natal chart

Please help me make sense of sun conjunct uranus.


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Re: Some help with natal chart

So your Sun/Uranus, rulers of the 3rd/9th axis, are tightly conjunct in Scorpio in the 6th.

That is a lot of mutability [sensitivity, perceptiveness, mental energy] packed in a volatile conjunction.

I would think that you are a highly intelligent, well educated, multi-cultured bundle of energy. You see your way through complex situations by going right to the power source and make a deal. You like to find root causes, what lies below the surface.

You can relate to so many kinds of people, from the working class to the elite because you see the inner workings of humanity, the inner being. You break everything down to its simplest components to try and find common ground.

Uranus wants everything lightning fast. But the 6th house is about 'natural cycles' of growth. So it can be a frustrating combination. You may feel impatient and rebellious at times with 6th house impediments. Like routines and rules.

You may excel at finding new, transformative ways to affect natural growth cycles, and nature itself.

Sun/Uranus in the 6th in Scorpio=healing remedies that are unique and from natural sources

You could be a wonderful healer, caretaker, counselor---except for the lack of protective emotional boundaries. You have such powerful insights, and can help others truly transform. But it can come at a cost to your own health and emotional state. It might be hard to find a balance as you give so much to others and then exhaust yourself?
I do feel thay I have a healing quality about me but I'm not sure that I have yo try and do anything to achieve it.

If someone close to me is upset or sad I feel it as my own, I wish I knew how not to do that all of the time. I've tried crystals such as obsidian to cut emotional ties.

Thank you for your insight, katydid.


Re: Uranus conjunct sun

I would imagine it would give an unpredictable, eccentric vibe to the person. This can definitely have both "good" and "bad" sides, it can make the person somewhat irrational at times in their behaviour, but also insightful, demonstrating new and novel ideas!

There's probably an element of rebel-like behaviour or thought patterns in there as well.


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Re: Uranus conjunct sun

I have this aspect. My sun is conjunct both uranus and saturn. I'm both weird and rebellious but disciplined and serious at the same time. It's an odd combo


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My sun is 11°43 , Uranus 12°05 conjunct in Scorpio in 11th house and I am real rebellious. I don't like any authority , only i want an authority which people really democratically, honestly and openly all together rule. I don't mean like George Soros he is another type of evil.