Sun conjunct Pluto in Scorpio


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Hey! I remember you from the chat :) I can totally relate. I lost my grandparents early on and actually this year is an 8th house themed year in my sr. I lost an aunt and my favorite uncle. Anyway, through out my life I've always had many acquaintances. Many times I've had to cut ties with them because I realized they were shady and I was giving too much of myself and not getting much in return. In high school I had a lot of drama with many girls. I noticed many people didn't like me for no reason and were constantly harassing me in person and online because they liked my boy friend. People have always assumed I'm a "bad" person because I look dark. I mean that in the sense that I look very scorpionic and most people can tell I'm not like everyone else. In high school I did party a lot and do a lot of drugs. I hit rock bottom at age 20 and when one of my best friends passed away I finally saw the light. At home I had a lot of problems with my parents. My relationship with them was dangling by a string until I changed. Since then we have been on great terms but during my high school years I was close to being disowned. At this point of my life there are a few people I am very close to but in general I still feel lonely even though I know I am loved and have friends. I just know that not many will feel the way I feel and go through the things I have/will experience in my future. I definitely see through people like x-ray vision. I often have broken/problematic people attracted to me and yes I often do tend to become obsessive and overbearing with people when I become this close to them and help them with their problems.

What about you? What have you experienced?


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Sure, no prob.


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Interesting, i've never heard that before! That's really funny. Yes, I do! I think yoga helps a lot but I still haven't funny figured out how to make this work. I also do a lot of weight training and cardio. I'm also currently undergoing a career change. I hope this is finally it I honestly believe it will be but it's taken forever! What are your interests? Can I see your chart?


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Wow! There's so much scorpio in your chart. That's crazy! How's that been for you? Well I never watched much of the Simpson's so I honestly don't know exactly what that is. What does that entail? I've decided on clinical or criminal psychology. I'll see based on how things go.


All things nuclear belongs to the world of Pluto! Hahahaha I always found it funny that Homer Simpson is a Taurus Sun and he works in such a Plutonian/Scorpionic field. At one point, Homer's employer was named (Hank) Scorpio.


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I am very sorry about your GF .. I am 33 .. and my Pluto is natal 9th Libra, and scorpio, I have go through many phases in my life where I won't talk to my family for years but that whole time I speak of them as they have the best values. I now think I am going through my beginning of the second life and I look at my family and truly believe they do have those values as in before I was jealous that I could not provide them for myself. And I projected anger. I am still projecting anger at times but with a different view.


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This all made a lot of sense to me. I've always felt very connected to my sun sign Scorpio, probably because that Pluto is in conjunction and amplifies it.

I had a lot of early childhood trauma, mostly within my home life. My only loss of a loved one was my father from my life around the age of 7. I was very lonely but for my relationship with my mother, I found I couldn't relate to most other kids because of that ability to see through them. Luckily for me, in grade 7 I gained 4 classmates that I related well to (they had similar interests and abilities). Which got me through a lot, and dispelled my loneliness.

I would say though that my extreme empathy has made it very difficult for me(not them) in many social situations, and hiding this information I pick up on and am not supposed to have is often necessary and exhausting. Especially since troubled people love to find and use me as their free therapist-whether we're in the middle of an important lecture or not!
I most definitely require emotional connection and openness in my relationships or I feel I'm wasting my time. Luckily I don't get overbearing-even when in the throes of love haha I wouldn't say obsessive either, but sometimes fixated.

I don't often feel disconnected from the world at large, but again I find it impossible to connect to individuals who are not perceptive or emotionally available.

For me, the aspects of Scorpio that seem very heightened are: Observant, loyalty, secretive, independent, unpredictable, complicated, emotional, intuitive, sensitive, researcher, depth, flexibility, intensity, self-control, interest in the occult, understanding of psychology.
Many of these positive attributes are borderline faults or problems, such as loyalty, intuitive, and self-control.

I am a recent graduate with a BAA in Illustration, I minored in psychology. I am now successfully self employed as an artist, and training to be a part time color therapist. I'm 25 and female. I ran a support group in my college for the overflow of students needing counseling, and have often been told I should have been a psychiatrist instead. For me though, it would be too exhausting to do that full time. Again because of the over-blown empathy and intuition.


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You can astro self-lable with whatever factor you want (weak or strong, existing or non-existing), but...
for LovelyNomad7, I’d bank on the prevailing influence of the 3 min-tight orbed Moon 150 Pluto waaaay before thinking of a 7 degree loose Sun/Pluto or a 5 degree loose sextile as significantly influencing the makeup.