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Hi all,

I want to ask you folks when is a good time to get married from today till March?

My brother’s 10th House is 7th degree Pisces and thus 4th is Virgo with Uranus and pluto residing there.

I was seeking Venus exaltation for his marriage which I see is spoilt by combust and maybe by the stellium?

What dates do you think I should advise him as I don’t seek good dates for marriage from now till March…

What about wanning and waxing Moon?

And Moon is not good when it is 15
to 15
, right?

What effect does it give when in Natal chart?

I came cross a website where void of course dates are given.

Maybe it is useful to all

Here is his Horoscope:


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Kaiousei no Senshi

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This is a pretty tall order, it would probably be best if you looked at some charts that you felt positive about and then posted them here to be double-checked. Here is a rather lengthy and detailed article about marriage elections from different authors to get you started.


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I love to do electionals however need to know specifics such as what days are they able to get married on such as saturdays or sundays, time frame or is any day of week because some people have large weddings etc, or will they just go for quick civil ceremony .. these factors are importatn because electional in this case can be quite time consuming. You always want to pick a good Venus day or best as possible because as we know there are no perfect days or charts but we try to get best energy possible