Struggle !!! Worried!! Tired!!!


Hello All,

Can someone please help me in reading below chart. I am really worried about her marriage and would like to know general things about his future life.

If someone can please have a look into this chart and point out positive points and negative will be much appreciated.

Anything relating to health, job, marriage, settling abroad, kids etc. Thank you very much in advance and god bless you all.

Date of birth 12th april 1984
time 08:05am
place lahore, pakistan.

Thanks again


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Taurus lagna leo rasi magha nak , kingly nak highly independant autocratic , likes aristocracy lifestyle .

Chances of marriage are less . major planets are retro , retro means gone backwards and it behaves likes crooked , wont give the benefits at proper age .

mercury saturn mars are retro , mercury is 2nd lord of family and 5th lord of mind and children . mars is 7th lord of marriage and 12th lord of bed pleasures . saturn 9th lord of father luck and 10th profession , here we should take saturn as debilitated because astrology books says exalted retro planets is equal to debilitate so here saturn useless sadly he is 7th lord from moon lagna , very difficult bad karmic chart regarding martial happiness .

she cant make up her mind in marriage also she is not submissive type too, even she marries husband has to do lots of compromise . he has to bend for her . should be slave ,magha means king , king wont bow down , only others should pay respect to king . with this mindset it difficult to sustain married life . she also has perverted thoughts regarding relationships . weird unconventional love affairs too . mercury the mind is retro gone to 12th . lost mind . relationship with father suffers , she is some what irreligious rational mind , has atheistic unorthodox views . may be a govt lawyer . that too not very successful . cheated in money matters . lavish grand spender has frequent change of homes , not steady mind too . mom health suffers , gains from mom too . strict punishing mom . child birth is doubt since age too long , medically impossible to conceive . adoption is good . 5th lord from jupiter hidden in 12th with ketu and saturn aspecting 5th from jupiter , so no chance of child birth , she can go adoption for her soul satisfaction .

husband may be businessman or connected with medical line .

After digging my astro intelligence long im saying this , generally no chance of marriage , if at all marriage should happen then it may /should / will /must etc in 2024 ! . after that no chance . me too pray to god that it should happen soon and she should leave happy life ... insha allah :)