Strengths Finder + Astrology

Hey ladies! So I was just going through some books in my closet and I found a really cool book called Strengths Finder. The book has a code inside for you to take a test online, which allows you to determine your strengths! The test is about 30 minutes, so it's pretty in depth.


Anyway, if you've read the book and have taken the test, tell us the top five strengths you've gotten and post your chart along with it; it's really cool to see the connections!

My top five in order were: Relator (relationships are important to you and give you fuel), Intellection (you like to think), Restorative (solving problems), Individualization (you understand people distinctively), and Deliberative (conservative and calculative).

Here's my charty :3

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It's really cool that I got Relator first because I have my Sun in the 7th House in Leo!! Of course I'm going to love people. And the whole Moon in Virgo in the 8th house totally puts my intellection, restorative, and individualization into perspective. And lastly, my deliberative component can be explained by my Capricorn Rising.
Do you happen to have the link to send for us to take the test? :) thanks much!