Strange/different friends

What aspects would indicate a person that often has friends that are very strange or different from most people in some way? Or aspects that indicate a person that often attracts those kind of people?


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Level up! Aha :lol:

- I would probably say outer planets aspecting the personal planets like; Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Sun etc.. Uranus conjunct Mars could probably attract some people that aren't seen as normal.. very eccentric probably.


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Hi, I've been told I have odd/eccentric friends although I don't see them that way. I see them as like-minds :).
I have Uranus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn in the 11th house both square Mars and trine Mercury in the 7th. I think Aquarius Saturn also adds to the strength of Uranus.
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All my friends are oddballs. Seriously. I don't seem capable of connecting with "normal" people. Or, more to the point, maybe I bring out everyone else's oddball side. I do have some friends who appear to be leading conventional lives, but in all of those cases, they also have an unconventional side, and our friendship is based more on that.

I have Uranus conjunct the midheaven, opposing Jupiter and square to Saturn. I've been told that my chart is very strongly Uranian, but I'm not quite sure how the rest of it links to the Uranian theme (I'm just beginning to explore all that, and to figure out this aspects business). I had one astrologer friend tell me once that configuration makes others see me as an oddball, but an oddball who gets along with people (my Uranus is in Libra, maybe that's where the gets along with people part comes in?).

I also have an eighth house stellium consisting of the sun, Venus, and Mercury (Venus and Mercury conjunct in Virgo, sun in late Leo). And I have noticed that there are absolutely no shallow people in my life. Everyone I know even halfway well has some real depth to them, and my friends are always people I can connect with in some deeply meaningful way.

That doesn't necessarily mean discussing metaphysics. We could just as easily joke around all the time. But it makes sense that an eighth house Venus/Mercury conjunction would require deep and meaningful communications with others, and with the sun in the same stellium, and a whole chart oriented toward growth (the first theme I spotted when I started working with it), those connections are vital to the development of personality. And people who have that kind of depth often are unusual or unconventional in some way.

Aquarius and Pisces are empty signs for me, although I have the moon in the twelfth house conjunct Neptune in the eleventh, and north nodes in the eleventh.