Stock Market Crash 11/20/2020???


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Hi, PTV.

Here are the coordinates for the new moon before and after the USA Full Moon October 13, 2019:

New Moon September 28, 2019 2:26 PM Philadelphia, Pa.
New Moon November 26, 2019 10:05 AM Philadelphia, PA.



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Good afternoon, PTV,

The M.C. of the event chart... [ibid.]


KEYNOTE: The anticipatory enjoyment of powers one can only as yet dream of utilizing.

The horse has always been a symbol of power and, in many instances, of sexual energy. Until very recently the horse gave man a greater possibility of conquering more space and what that space contained. Mounted on his hobby horse and experiencing the to-and-frow rhythm of its motion, the well-fed boy unconsciously, and perhaps nowadays half-consciously, may anticipate the rhythm of the sexual act. In a sense it is also a kind of make-believe and growth through the imagination, but here – in contrast to what was shown in the symbol for Phase 261 – the imagination is active at the organic body level. There is something of an initiation in the play.

This is the last symbol of the fifty-third sequence of five. It ends in a mood of play, but it is a play filled with cultural and emotional expectation, unconscious though this expectation may be. We see here the FORSHADOWING of the mature experience of manhood."

It seems to me to indicate we need to "draw in our horns", so to speak, both domestically and in foreign policy... curb that constant desire for "MORE".... a reduction in military presence would certainly seem to be in order as well.

My take is just the opposite. I see young men, boys to many with cherub faces, naive and inexperienced in war, eager to enlist, eager to be deployed, eager to roll out, chomping at the bit for some action.

My thoughts.


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The I.C. of the chart [ibid.]


KEYNOTE: Bringing under control nature's power of expansion.

The intellect of man is like a tropical plant in that it tends to expand 'wildly' in many directions, seeking direct contact with the sun’s rays. Like a palm tree it uses its dead leaves to protect itself against dry heat, the heat of the realm of mind when deprived of the complementary power of the feelings. A culture is characterized by specific 'forms' and "prime symbols"; education's main object, at least in cultural and classical periods, has been to contain the imagination of individuals within these traditional forms. An entirely different approach to education is being attempted in our transitional age.

At this last stage of the seventeenth five-fold sequence we have reached the level of fulfillment of the impulses which began at the first stage (Gemini 21°) in a tumultuous upsurge of self-assertion and protest against the past. Now this upsurge has found its place in the evolution of mankind and society; and - symbolically speaking - 'labor' has become not only unionized, but a strong force in the body politic. Yet the energies released seek constant expansion and therefore have to be controlled. There is need for repeated PRUNING."

Well...I don't disagree, but there are 2 types of Palm Trees, and obviously, at least to me, this refers to Palm Trees with feather like fronds. I have Palm Trees with fan-like fronds whose stalks are rimmed with thorns. Pruning can be done once there's no more chance of cold weather. The dead fronds have to be removed so that new ones can grow. The fronds remain attached to the plant through the winter to protect the plant from the cold. Pruning and removing dead fronds is difficult and must be done with great care so as to not get cut or stabbed. As I say I don't disagree, but there might be room for a 2nd interpretation, a twin interpretation shall we say. I mean, we are talking Gemini here.


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You got to be aware of that the M.C. is the "WHY" of the mundane analysis.
It is the 25th of Gemini that is the "HOW" that is being pointed to.
The 25th of Gemini also happens to be the location of the USA's natal Part of Imprisonment and despite the adjustment needed for Sidereal precession for a conjunction I have found that the Sabian Symbol for any factor in a natal chart remains that which is in symbolic effect throughout the individuals' lifetime.
You should be convinced by now, that is if you have read my thread "The Birth Chart of Jesus?", that all Astrological Parts are symbolically active. The most obvious evidence being that the Part of Fortune for that natal chart I contend is that of Yeshu'a/Jesus of Nazareth is the 19th degree of Pisces [ibid.] "A MASTER INSTRUCTS HIS DISCIPLE"... It also just so happens to be my natal Part of Inheritance and Legacy, thus illustrating that the Part is about ones "spiritual and, or, Karmic inheritance" and what they must perpetuate in continuance as their legacy. According to a couple of renowned, yet independent of one another, clairvoyants I was in that "posse", I was one of the disciples... Judas, in fact... Although according to the author Trevor Ravenscroft, who in turn got it from studying the writings of Rudolf Steiner, I may be fulfilling a role that the one karmically indebted cannot do so themselves in this present age...for some reason or another. That is to say I volunteered to do it.
It's all rather confusing and I don't know one way or the other but the fact is I believe it and in so believing it...for the many signs and events that occurred throughout my entire life that did indicate it... I am bound by it In fact the preponderance of evidence supporting that is so overwhelming that I could never become convinced otherwise.
That is the way this stuff's all symbolically oriented towards "Spiritual transformation" , an evolutionary transformation.

Lunations are short term,, they occur monthly, so I haven't spent much time studying them to date.
I did find that the natal Part of Hyleg, which is based on ones' natal chart and the lunation cycle that one was born within to be everything the ancients inferred that the Part of Hyleg is and a lot more than all modern astrologers, including the renowned Robert Zoller, seemingly want to give it credit for. It is that which all the other natal Astrological Parts in ones chart depose to. That towards which they are all in effort to assist... and "that" is revealed by the Sabian Symbol found for that Part of Hyleg.

My own Part of Hyleg is in the 3rd of Pisces and it is perfectly illustrative, symbolical, of what my lifes' work is meant to focus on...this very endeavor of restoring lost and forgotten astrological knowledge and technique back to being recognized and utilized [ibid.]
KEYNOTE: The power to preserve records of their achievements which is inherent in fully matured cultures.

When a vast group of men succeed in building a culture with strong institutions which express themselves in significant symbols and works of art or literature, such an effort of many generations is rarely lost altogether. In one form or another, records of this culture endure or are mysteriously preserved, simply because they reveal the place and function of this particular culture in the long process of unfoldment of the potentialities inherent in archetypal MAN. It is such a concept that has been mythified and popularized in the religious idea of the resurrection of the dead on the Last Day. The symbol of petrified wood in the Arizona desert, however, tells us that the actual preservation of the records is never perfect or total. Only fragments remain, significant enough to reveal the essential archetypal form.

This third symbol of the sixty-seventh five-fold sequence brings the promise of social immortality — i.e. the preservation of the enduring (because archetypally meaningful) factors in whatever man attempts within his culture. A symbol of INDESTRUCTABILITY. "
When you look at an individuals' natal Part of Destiny and their natal Part of Hyleg you can get a pretty good "picture" of what they all all about in this lifetime...or rather, what they SHOULD BE, if they aren't presently.

Although in my own case this never made itself clear until I was 51 years old... in my 52nd year, but the strange thing about that is, is that, all my life since about the age of 4 I knew that something remarkable would occur for me in my 52nd year... i had been given a number of signs in which to llead me to believe so, it did come to pass.

Yeshu'a/Jesus' Part of Destiny is in the 14th degree of Capricorn [as derived from the original birth chart produced on November 7, 2004 it is 13* Capricorn 13' 17"] , by the following I hope that you can see how what I'm doing presently, in its way, serves towards that same goal. [ibid.]


KEYNOTE: The will to unearth, in our culture as well as in any culture, what has permanent value, and to let go of nonessentials.

At a time when in nearly every land men are questioning and challenging the validity of traditional beliefs and customary attitudes, it becomes necessary to separate permanent values and great principles or symbols from the many individual habits and the socio-political developments which more often than not have perverted or even negated the original ideals of the culture. We must strive to free these ideals from the wild growth of personal and class selfishness, from the greed and ambition so prevalent in human nature, and learn to appreciate the excellence of what is the immortal seed-foundation, as well as the spiritual harvest, of any culture — and by extension of every sustained and complete work produced by a man's indomitable effort to achieve creative perfection.

In this fourth stage symbol we are shown the procedure which enables us to gain a deep and thorough appreciation of socio-cultural processes in their most enduring forms. What is needed is a penetrating and courageous insight founded upon a valid HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE. This applies to the past of an individual's life as well as to the history of a nation or a group."

If you don't know already, I was born and raised in Quaker beliefs and ways... 11th generation American stretching back to 1683. I became a yogi in 1968, a "sisya of the bij"...that is a disciple of the Word of God...God's word is my only guru and archetype... I have no reason to sell anyone any particular form of worship. A Quaker has no priest as there is no Priesthood, we are taught to "listen to the inner voice" as that is "the voice of God"...when one is pious enough that is, we have to be in order to trust it.
My Part of Destiny is the 17th degree of Scorpio [ibid.]

KEYNOTE: A total reliance upon the dictates of the God-within.

In contrast to the outgoing smile of the girl in the preceding symbol, here we see the result of a deep and complete concentration reaching to the innermost center of the personality where the Living God acts as a fecundating power. This reveals the potency of the inward way, the surrender of the ego to a transcendent Force which can create through the person vivid manifestations of the Will of God.
This second phase of the forty-sixth five-fold sequence brings to us the realization of normally hidden potentialities in the average human being of our day. Faith in the Divine is shown here being concretely justified. The human person becomes a 'mother of the Living God'. This is THE TRANSPERSONAL WAY of existence. It is the way that leads to creative mutations. "

I try my best to live up to the responsibility, but in such a world as we presently live in, it isn't any easy thing to remain that focused.
Thus, I am not infallible, I may make mistakes in some of the attempts I've made at deducing correct techniques and analysis, but overall, I believe I'm doing more good than any potential harm...other wise I wouldn't yet remain alive.
My main thing to accomplish, was producing Yeshu'a/Jesus' natal chart and getting it known to the world...that I have done.... I continue on with this personal study of the chart and making my findings known in the hope of convincing more people of the find and demonstrating what can be derived from the study of it.

If a recognized technique of "traditional astrology" produces something contrary to that birth chart, then it isn't a legitimate technique. So not only does it establish, or re-establish, forgotten techniques and knowledge...such as the legitimacy of the Sabian Symbols, that the chart axis reveals a persons identity and purpose through the Sabians, that Astrological Parts are
symbolically active, that the North Node is the indicator of what all present ephemeral activity is itself deposing to actively... for just some examples of its value... it is also a "lie detector" as to what ain't, what is wrongful and erroneous practice and, or belief.
That is why I call it a "Template of Astrological Understanding", the "Rosetta Stone for Astrologers".

I apologize for getting so offtrack from this threads subject matter but I felt it imperative to get you to pay a little bit closer attention as to how the Sabians work symbolically and these lunations work in mundane analysis.
Mundane astrology is relatively very new to me. I wasn't at all interested until I read the sticky thread "The Great Debate" as to what the natal chart of the USA is. I figured that armed with the understanding and knowledge I gained from the producing and the study of the Yeshu'a/Jesus natal chart that the natal chart of the USA wouldn't be all that difficult. It took me but two tries. I began by doing a live demonstrating of a German astrologer's opinion that it was around 2 A.M. Philadelphia time on July 4th 1776... which produced the exact opposite Ascendant of the chart that Dane Rudhyar himself championed But Dane, as great as He was, lacked a computer with an ephemeris developed by rocket scientists like the one astrodienst utilized back in 2004 [they still utilize one from the same source but they play with the parameters of allowance and utilize the extreme allowed for Pluto... the recent probe that reached Pluto was done so using that same program that astrodienst was using in 2004 and without any "adjustments" to the position of Pluto.]
I liked that German Astrologer's line of reasoning and though it would be both instructive and demonstrative of how to utilize the same factors I did in determining that I had produced the natal chart of Yeshu'a/Jesus... I also thought it stood a pretty good chance of proving itself to be the actual legit natal chart of the USA... and, it failed... but I immediately rebounded with the theory that it is simply the first moment of the day of July 4th, 1776 in Philadelphia...and I remarked afterward that if anyone in this same pursuit hadn't tried a chart for that time and place then they weren't much of a scientist and if they did produce a chart of that time and place and couldn't determine its legitimacy then they weren't much of an astrologer.

It has proven itself all the more convincingly to be legit than most natal charts I've had to deal with because we know the precise moment of the birth of our nation... it isn't something that was physically birthed but rather is a state of mind,, a concept, that exists in the collective unconscious of all citizens of these United States... ask anyone what day it is just past the stroke of midnight on a July 4th and they will tell you, "Why, it's our nations' birthday" As long as just one American citizen remains alive that chart is the only legitimate chart of the collective to how the Cosmos affects us all at any given time in the future and as to how it did so in the past.
The current belief of mine that it needs to be adjusted for Sidereal precession is still yet only a theory, although my longtime friend and renowned clairvoyant, Clarisse Conner, does concur that it should be adjusted for the precession over time...but even Clarisse isn't infallible. [Not that she doesn't get the correct imagery but rather I have found that once in awhile she doesn't interpret it correctly. She once told me, based on a tree outside my kitchen window about 7 years ago, at the end of August, that I would be moving before that Fall. I spent a great deal of time and money in the preparation for an event only less than a month away that didn't happen. About three years later the tree began to now only has one branch still living. It wasn't Autumn that she was seeing, as what she saw was that tree losing all its leaves, but rather the death of the tree. I likely be moving within a years time, presently as I doubt that the tree will still be alive come next Spring.]

So, my point is, that I'm not a very experienced astrologer when it comes to making mundane predictions... yet, having possession of the legitimate natal chart for the USA does give me great advantage over most...and at the beginning when I first acquired it and recognized it I was way ahead of the pack...although I have long suspected there are others that also use the same chart and have for quite some length of time. Having one so accurately produced by the original computer program that astrodienst was also using at the time I produced the Yeshu'a/Jesus natal chart being the great advantage over even most, if not all, of those?
As I wrote, a timeline study of the history of the USA using this natal chart speaks volumes towards its is utterly profound and amazing as to what a study of the Civil War years and the reconstruction period immediately afterward, alone, demonstrates.

You are obviously way more practiced and experienced in the use of mundane charts and how to use a natal chart to that purpose.
I do expect great things from your having been introduced to it and hope to be in rewarded anticipation that you will do great things with it.

As I had intended to remark in further about the 25th of Gemini as to its being symbolically the Part of Imprisonment of the USA's natal chart, but got a bit sidetracked... I wish to point out that to date we've found the Part of Imprisonment to be that as to what the individual in question cannot embrace...that which they cannot perform, or culturally accept, or integrate within themselves mentally... [president Obama's Part of Imprisonment, based on the birth certificate he produced, is the 19th degree of Pisces, [ibid.] "THE MASTER INSTRUCTS HIS DISCIPLE"...and hence why I believe He is not a Christian and never was. ] Thus the 25th of Gemini demonstrates as the USA's Part of Imprisonment that we are not a people that will do with less than we believe we can achieve, we can obtain. Yet I believe that is in reference to material things... this latest Full Moon chart seemingly indicates that it has something to do with foreign policies and material things we haven't the right to claim as to being of our destiny... imho, that is

As the latest Full Moon did involve Pluto in a most perfect "T-Square" it would be of great additional understanding to check the astrocartography for that event and see where the major lines for the trans-Saturnian planets fell... particularly Pluto.
I'll be back with the appropriate maps.


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Hi, PTV.

Here are the coordinates for the new moon before and after the USA Full Moon October 13, 2019:

New Moon September 28, 2019 2:26 PM Philadelphia, Pa.
New Moon November 26, 2019 10:05 AM Philadelphia, PA.


Well, I'll take the one for September to be correct... I'll see what that produces... I'll figure out the one for October.

I should have done a separate thread on this latest Full Moon as I was keeping abreast of them awhile back...but I'm more about natal charts than the mundane and doing mundane analysis inevitable becomes political... :annoyed:




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Here's the astrocartography map for the Fuyll Moon event on October 13, 2019... I find the Sun I.C. line and the Moon M.C. line both running through Eastern Turkey to be of particular interest... also a close up map of the region of Turkey and notice the Pluto Desc. line and what the astro analysis for that line is... all courtesy of astrodienst [granted it is an interpretation for an individual but the energies at play are one and the same]



.It turned out that the analysis by astrodienst as to the Pluto Desc. line was 133 words at a minimum and thus being restricted by a 100 word copy limit imposed here at Astrologyweekly forum. I can't post the entire analsis...but here is a 97 word excerpt:wink:

" existing relationships are likely to face a lot of changes, which may include separations. If there are secrets, repressed emotions or unconscious power plays, they can add a burden to joint living, and could become the catalyst to difficult controversies.

Here, you tend to project your own tension and problems onto your partner. Discussions develop a power of their own. It is probably difficult to argue sensibly due to the intense and uncontrolled nature of the contributing forces (OR participating parties). The solution of these conflicts is for both sides to be prepared to make a sacrifice..."

...and they added it would be somewhat of a bumpy road ahead for both parties.


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Here's the astrocartography map for the Full Moon event as it affected the Wash. D.C. and N.Y. area...also Philadelphia, for that matter.
You will have to go to astrodienst yourself, cast a chart for the Full Moon using the exact same data I supplied and see for your self what they have to say about the Neptune Asc. line running just a few miles East of D.C. and a few miles West of Wall Street... it is utterly mind boggling how much it mirrors what might possibly have very likely been the motivation for Trump's actions in withdrawing American presence from the conflict between Syria and Turkey... imho,, of course.



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Good morning, PT Vale,
Just touching base to let you know I'm reviewing 3 posts of yours (Birth of Christ, a post from 10/9/19 and from 10/18/19)

Rudhyar's book on Mandalas is scheduled to arrive Monday.

Here's the astrocartography map for the Fuyll Moon event on October 13, 2019... I find the Sun I.C. line and the Moon M.C. line both running through Eastern Turkey to be of particular interest... also a close up map of the region of Turkey and notice the Pluto Desc. line and what the astro analysis for that line is... all courtesy of astrodienst [granted it is an interpretation for an individual but the energies at play are one and the same]

Regarding Turkey, I did a study on the TSE over Turkey August 11, 1999 and disastrous earthquakes that erupted within weeks. This was Saros 145, member 21. [Saros 145, member 22 was The Great United States Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017.]
"The following lists very tragic seismic events that occurred along the path of the Total Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999. Refer to the map above in paragraph B for percentile of shadow. Estimated casualty count came from Wikipedia.
1) Six days after the TSE, on August 17, 1999 the Marmara or Izmit Earthquake in Turkey, a 37-second, violent earthquake, shook the North Anatolian Fault Zone, took an estimated 17,000 lives and injured at least 43,000 others. This area lies within 90% of the Moon’s shadow.
2) Three months after the TSE, Turkey experienced a second violent earthquake, the Düzce Earthquake, on November 12, 1999, again along the North Anatolian Fault a mere 100 miles east of the Marmara or Izmit Earthquake. Approximately 850 were kill, 5,000 injured and 55,000 homeless. This area lies within the 90 percentile."
There are more earthquakes, but only these occurred in Turkey.

I've yet to tackle the astrocartography maps.

I am in the process of doing a thorough investigation of the full moon of October 13, 2019. It struck me that though the Sun and Moon are opposite at 20 degrees 14, Pluto was at 20 degrees 40. Based on previous experience with transiting Pluto, I'm tracking dates and when Pluto transited, retrograded then went direct at exactly 20 degrees 14. Interesting what else I am discovering. I'm not prepared to put it all together yet. I'm still gathering information.

I'm rather interested in the Penumbral Lunar eclipse January 10-11, 2020 which you mentioned. On January 10, 2020 at 2:20 PM Philladelphia PA. Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon are opposed at 20[FONT=&quot]⁰[/FONT] 00'. Capricorn Sun (20[FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]⁰)[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT] forms combust stellium with Mercury (20[FONT=&quot]⁰), Saturn (22[/FONT][FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]⁰) and Pluto (22[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]⁰) all opposite Cancer Moon. More investigation needed.
[FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]That's all for now.


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Umm.... Pierce, was this meant for me?

You are obviously way more practiced and experienced in the use of mundane charts and how to use a natal chart to that purpose.
I do expect great things from your having been introduced to it and hope to be in rewarded anticipation that you will do great things with it.

Grasshopper :)


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Hi AJ,

Hi Cecile,

As far as the astrology, you have the wrong date.

The New York Stock Exchange was founded on March 8, 1817.

The DOW was first published on May 26, 1896.

NASDAQ came into being February 4, 1971.

The S&P 500 was first published in 1957.

You might want to recalculate using the correct dates, otherwise there's little point in discussing it.

I appreciate all the information in your post BTW.

As I mentioned previously I was using the date provided by Astrodienst.

What do you think about using the Buttonwood Agreement as a possible original date for the NYSE, April 17th, 1792?
"The New York Stock Exchange traces its beginnings to this historic pact." ( )
This same source says "1817 -- A constitution with rules for the conduct of business is adopted."

Regardless of which date I use, what time do you suggest, Noon or use a flat chart 00 Aries 00?

For now I'm not [NOT] going to analyze the DOW, NASDAQ or S&P.




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.....i want to bump this thread up - because Cecile's questions, fears and final prediction appear accurate when you look at the stock market crash of the last few days



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Notes kept when I wrote my last Kindle book - (after I write them I seldom recall all the detail, but move on...)

On the run-up to 2020, in 2019, Saturn conjunct Pluto will sextile Neptune and the spotlight will turn to China, Russia and perhaps trade wars will benefit China. If President Trump is still President, he may back off from the trade wars by then. By 2021, look for recession times in the United States with the Uranus square Saturn. Europe also will be hit by a downturn in the economy.
With China having lower debt then the United States and Europe, the east and China will be in the catbird seat. This however, fits well with Mr. Cayce’s prophecy of long ago when he said the following:

(Q) Is America fulfilling her destiny?
(A) Rather should the question be sought, my children, are individuals fulfilling those channels to which they have been brought through their own application of the knowledge within themselves to fulfill their position? For each and every one, each and every nation, is led - even as in heaven. For that ye see in earth is a PATTERN of that in the MIND, as ye well know, and is as a shadow of spiritual truth, life and light. Is America as a whole? This is as has been given. If there is not the acceptance in America of the closer brotherhood of man, the love of the neighbor as self, civilization must wend its way westward - and again must Mongolia, must a hated people, be raised”. [D1] [3976-15 given in 1934]​

There are tons of links with information about more recent Debt in Japan, US & China, but I'll only post this one from 2013:

When I wrote this book I hadn't even thought of a Pandemic, but in hindsight, it makes sense astrologically speaking.


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This is the date I used for the Stock Market:

  1. May 17 1792 – The New York Stock Exchange is Formed
    May 17, 2016 · The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), also commonly called the “Big Board”, is the world’s largest stock exchange in terms of its market capitalization which is currently worth over 14 trillion dollars. The stock exchange came into being following an agreement among New York traders entered into on May 17, 1792.
Muriel Siebert was the first woman to own a seat on the NYSE in 1967. The “stock market” was created in May 17, 1792 when 24 stockbrokers and merchants signed the Buttonwood Agreement. The NASDAQ stock exchange began trading in 1971, becoming the world’s first electronic stock market.

The Stock Market - Napkin Finance

BTW: I'm not married to my charts, they are simply the ones I've chosen to utilize:

key test online


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Heads up! Things are going to get rocky 4th Qtr 2020.
Of the charts I've erected for all major events starting with the Huge Bull Market of 1982, The Great Depression, to significant dates during the Recession (aka lesser depression), none, and I mean none look as daunting as the charts for 11-11-2020 and 11-20-2020.
I won't be able to copy/paste the table here showing NYSE on exact dates or nearest dates of transiting Saturn-Pluto conjunct, square, trine formations (less than 1 degree orb); however something odd of interest. I can email it to anyone interested.
--Did you know that Saturn Stationed on 9/11 in 2008 and again on 9/11 in 2009?
--Did you now that the most controversial stimulus package, $787 Billion, went into effect midway between the two stationing events on 2/17/2009.

Currently transiting Saturn and transiting Pluto will conjoin 1/12/2020, the first time since November 4, 1982. Three months before that, on August 13, 1982, the NYSE Bull Market hit it's greatest increase ever.

In timing with the next Saturn-Pluto conjunction less than 4 months away on 1/12/2020, The Federal Reserve began bank bail outs last week on 9/25/2019 of $100 Billion daily. The proposed audit of the Federal Reserve could springboard us into Gold Backed US Notes, but that could take a while.

Of the charts I've erected for all major events starting with the Huge Bull Market of 1982, The Great Depression, to significant dates during the Recession (aka lesser depression), none, and I mean none look as daunting as the charts for 11-11-2020 and 11-20-2020.

It should be further mentioned that the last thing to go or blow is the stock market. Lynette Zang of ITM, a stockbroker when the Recession hit, says the day began as usual. She left for lunch, and when she returned every stock broker was under their desk. Phones were ringing nonstop.

[Information on fiat the Fed is currently printing and infusing into the economy or banks is from X22Report Spotlight with Lynette Zang and Ben Fulford's newletter 9/30/2019 ]

You mentioned 1/12/20, the day of the Sat/Pluto conjunction. Now that it has passed, let's look to see how the financials were on that date.

Stock Market News for Jan 20, 2020

Benchmarks closed in the green on Friday, and ended the week at record highs banking on strong economic data and solid fourth-quarter earnings results.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) gained 50.50 points or 0.2%, to close at 29,348.10 and the S&P 500 rose 12.81 points or 0.4% to close at of 3,329.62. While, the Nasdaq Composite Index closed at 9,388.94, adding 31.81 points or 0.3%. The fear-gauge CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) decreased 1.8% to close at 12.10. Advancing issues outnumbered declining one for a 1.37-to-1 ratio on the NYSE and a 1.26-to-1 ratio on the Nasdaq favored advancers.

How Did the Benchmarks Perform?

Major benchmarks hit intra-day record highs on Friday. Investors sentiments were lifted by news from China. The economic giant reported that industrial data for December topped expectations, with production rising 6.9% on a year-over-year basis. Additionally, the Chinese economy grew by 6.1% in 2019, matching expectations. However, it is the slowest growth rate for the Chinese economy since 1990.

Overall, the S&P index recorded 104 new 52-week highs whereas no new lows. And the Nasdaq recorded 156 new highs and six new lows.

Solid Q4 Earnings Report

Better-than-expected earnings from major banks kicked off the fourth quarter earnings and lifted investors’ sentiment. Overall, 8% of the S&P 500 companies have reported quarterly results so far and nearly 72% of those companies have reported solid earnings.

On Friday, Schlumberger Limited SLB posted fourth-quarter 2019 earnings of $0.39 per share that surpassed the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $0.37. Increase in Surface Systems, Drilling Systems, OneSubsea revenues in the international markets along with strong SIS digital software sales backed the company’s strong quarterly results. The company’s revenues totalled $8,228 million, surpassing the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $8,188 million. (Read More)

Weekly Round Up

Major benchmarks rally last week was supported by a partial U.S.-China trade as both the economic giants signed the phase 1 trade deal. And a further boost came in from the passage of the U.S., Mexico, Canada trade deal by Congress.

In fact, last week all the three benchmarks posted their largest weekly percentage gain since the last week of August 2019. The S&P 500, the Dow and the Nasdaq finished 2%, 1.8% and 2.3% respectively, higher last week. Additionally, the S&P 500 and Dow are up 3.1% and 2.8%, respectively, on a year to date basis, while the Nasdaq increased more than 4.5% higher so far this year.

Biggest Tech Breakthrough in a Generation


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Thank you for giving this a 'Bump.'

--The hard thing for people to grasp is that the stock market should not be mistaken for an accurate representation of the economic status. Another confusing fact is that the Federal Reserve and Internal Revenue Service are not part of the US Treasury but privately owned entities, and the Act of 1871 converted the Republic of the US to the US Corporation. Per insider information President Trump has restored the status to a Republic.

--The stock market and gold and silver markets are manipulated by banksters and insider traders (e.g. members of boards of directors, US Representatives and Senators).

--Gold is way undervalued when compared to the fiat dollar. Gold gained about $40/oz after the market opened this week and closed at $1586.45, nearly $60/oz lower than last week's close. In the past it was noted that the S&P and spot gold would move contrary to one another. That may not hold true now.

--On Feb 19 the stock market reached an all-time high. This week "the Dow has collapsed from a record high into 'correction' in the space of just six days. As we detailed earlier, this is the fastest collapse from an all-time peak since 1928, just ahead of The Great Depression"

--The global debt exceeds $250 Trillion. Governments worldwide are engaged in an effort to restore gold-backed currency and eliminate debt. Speculations suggest a stock market implosion will rid the US of the fiat dollar.

--From an astrological perspective, I had begun a table showing the correlation of aspects between transiting Pluto and transiting Saturn to economic benchmarks. This needs further development before making any comments.

--Disclaimer: I'm not an economist. All above statements unless sources quoted are based on my understanding of information provided.



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From Ray Merriman: (Market analyst & Astrologer)

There is an old saying that I give to all students of MMA classes: Markets go up in steps, and they come down in elevators. In the last week, it seemed that all the cables holding the elevator up just completely broke, as equity markets all over the world experienced record daily and weekly declines. It makes one
wonder if these structures (elevators, buildings, economies, governments) were built on sand, a deck of cards, or something substantial that would last. We will soon find out, as the full moon on March 8-9 will take place with the Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces, and Mercury the Trickster will end this particularly treacherous retrograde cycle.



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Dow Claws Back Huge Losses at Close as Trump & Fed Rumors Spook Bears

The Dow and broader U.S. stock market pared most of their declines in the final moments of trading Friday.

Dow Jones, stock market
The Dow and broader U.S. stock market pared most of their declines in the final moments of trading Friday. | Image: Scott Heins/Getty Images/AFP
A massive recovery in the Dow Jones late on Friday helped lift the index to just a 350-point loss.
A huge spike in trading volumes suggests a short covering lifted the U.S. stock market of an uncertain weekend.
Trump is believed to be weighing tax cuts as part of his coronavirus stimulus package, and Wall Street can’t rule out an emergency intervention from the Federal Reserve.

The Dow Jones pared losses by 600 points at the close Friday, as U.S. equity markets rebounded from intraday lows.

News broke late in the session of a coronavirus stimulus package from the White House, including tax cuts, alongside possible plans to ramp up pressure on the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates. Further intervention from the central bank over the weekend also can’t be ruled out.

So what does that mean?

It means the DOW initially fell fast on Friday morning, but by closing, it spiked back up because a lot of buyers entered the market because of the new lows, and they saw a way to make back some money. :ninja:

I think it will continue that way, as more and more Americans see that the Democrats are trying tio scare the public, and create chaos in the markets, for political reasons. :bandit:


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OR perhaps as the crazed conspiracy theorists including Trump & his son, Donald Jr. are now spreading, "the Dems want to see 10 million citizens dead from corona-virus. And people would actually vote for this man? :surprised:


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Dow Claws Back Huge Losses at Close as Trump & Fed Rumors Spook Bears

It means the DOW initially fell fast on Friday morning, but by closing, it spiked back up because a lot of buyers entered the market because of the new lows, and they saw a way to make back some money. :ninja:

This video might shed some light:
Lynette Zang has decades of experience in the stock market and precious metals. This is a 30 minute video she streamed live yesterday in which she covers this week's activities "with interest rates the lowest ever and stock market point drops the largest ever" and compares current trends with similar past events like the dot com bubble in 2000 and the financial crisis in 2008.