I have recently found out what stelliums are, and was wondering if anyone could help me get my head around them. I understand that they result in a focus in given areas, and that they, like the conjunctions they're made up of, involve the merging of the energies of the planets - but what does that mean?

Is the focus of a stellium more on house based, sign based or planet based principles?

And, what is suggested by the stellium in this chart (mine)?:




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Stelliums' energy and focus


Stelliums are collections of energy strong focused in a particular area or areas. Stelliums are strongest where they do the most repetition. For example, if there is is a stellium of 7 planets, all in Libra (relationships), then the repetition of "Libra" in the stellium would be very strong. We would expect that "relationships" issues would be very important for the person. If this 7 planet stellium were focused in the 7th house (relationships), then we would expect a VERY intense, perhaps obsessive, focus on relationships.

In your case, you have a 5 planet stellium split between two signs, Aquarius (friends) and Pisces (spirituality), but ALL 5 planets are focused in the 12th house (spirituality, also confusion), so we would expect that you would be strongly focused on spirituality, although this could be confusing to you at times.




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A stellium is a huge drive of energy in a certain area of life. As there are so many planets, this is the most important area of your life, actually. You might feel drawn is so many ways that you might end up doing nothing well. Impossible to set up on a single path. On the other hand, one may be a "genius"/very remarkable person in that field.

The sign placement tells about the kind of energies you're using.