Stelliums Through The Houses


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This is a "take-charge" stellium. These people love being the leader. Tenth house stelliums in women's charts often show a more strict, father-like mother. They are extremely ambitious and have a knack for business. Their minds are practical and they achieve alot if they can harness the energy properly.

Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, in conjunction with MC in 10th.

Couldn`t be worst.

I even live in my office (there is just a wall between ``home`` and working place) - of course, to hear the phone and answer immediatelly to the next business call...

With Mercury in conj. with MC - of course I have the 2nd job (and other 2-3 just for ``suplementary`` doings and income).

Clothes is ``adjusted`` for professional meetings, always ready: jackets and skirts all clean and ironed.

I had to learn to listen and to be more female and more ``helpless`` (well, still trying...)

Didn`t make much money but I am independent.

Am I practical?
To the point of Jupitarian expansion - entrance is forbiden for Cancers (no cloudy ``feelings`` and ``I don`t know how I feel`` and ``I am not in the mood (for no reason of course) ... If there is nothing ``concrete`` going on (like bombs, war, death or similar) - office works normally - full speed ahead.

Lion o ness

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Sixth house stellium. The workaholic. These people spend more time on the job than anywhere else. They have a huge interest in health and often go into the healthcare profession, especially if the moon or sun is there. Working gives them good feelings, and they often don't know what to do when given time off. They are excellent employees.

I have a Leo Stellium in H6 = Sun,Moon,Mercury,Mars

I do work, and while I am at work I give it my all, but Im not a workaholic. Im the first one out the door, and look forward to getting off of work. When I leave work, I leave it all at the office, never bringing it home.

I have no interest in healthcare profession. Both Sun and Moon are in the 6th. Im not a health nut.. Or working with animals.

I am route and true when I take vac, IDK what to do with myself..


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Maybe we have to look what planet rules the house Stelium is in since it gives her ``stamp`` to the rest of them.


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I have 4th house stellium into 5th
The 4th house extract is just not true of me. I have my moon and venus in this stellium
aqu/pisces in 4th/5th.

It is true my home is a shrine and a peacehaven. Im careful who I invite into it.
I can be quite restless at home.
I do idealise having my own home.
I seem to have beenworking towards owning my own place for ever and a day but never get any closer to realising this dream.
I care for my family but at a distance Im not one who shines at family gatherings.
My sun squares asc

so my stellium needs to be read with an aqua/pisces twist.



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uranus is in 10th conj pluto and heads up a kite formation.opp saturn in pisces etc
all work and no play
but is aqua ruled by uranus or saturn that is the dilemma....,
I guess so far I have opted for freedom against responsibility


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I have 2 stelliums
1. In the 8th house: Sun, Mercury, Pluto .. it is true that i am like researching, digging deep and i am interested in investing and economics.
2. Is in the 11th house: Neptune, Jupiter, Mars .. i would not say i have a lot friends, anyhow i use to solve things with helps of friends and i know diffrent people. I would not say many different, moderate different hits it more.

Dont seams to affect me strongly ..


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I have a Stellium in the 1st house Gemini.

Mercury 22" Moon 22" Jupiter 23"

I do find that i obsess over my appearance, i have dreadlocks and enjoy looking very expressive, i enjoy socializing and conversation and any environment where i can be completely self-expressive (ie: Music Concerts, party atmosphere, dancing). However i find i can be still be very self-conscious i feel this might be my Sun in Cancer in Opposition to Saturn,Neptune and Uranus.

I also have:

Saturn 10" Neptune 11" and Uranus 3" In 8th House Capricorn, Uranus is on the cusp of the 7th and 8th. Although from what i've read about stelliums they need to be within 0-5 degree's of each other, so im not sure if that counts.

Despite this and my first house stellium, i have an extreme curiosity in Death and Mysticism, and enjoy probing everything to its deepest depths, including my own psyche.
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i have:
1) 10th house stellium: sun, jupiter (sagittarius) and mercury (cap)
2) 11th house stellium: mars, venus, neptune, and uranus (all in capricorn)
I won't call myself very sociable; I'm too moody (shifting between an-soc and highly soc). I'm much more sociable than past me though. I also don't feel that I'm that ambitious despite of the 10th houses..?