stellium in 11th House


Meaning of 11th house stellium in Vedic and Western

hey guys!

Stellium in my birth chart in 11th house Capricorn. I would be glad if someone could shed light on this topic, mainly significance of this house and different interpretations in western and vedic astrology. as both seem to differ - in western it represents friendships and social, whereas in vedic it is the house of gains. please help me understand.

Asc: Pisces
Sun: Aquarius
Moon: Leo

DOB: 9 Feb 1990
Time: 08:35 AM
Place: Nagpur Maharashtra India (21° 8' 47.8788'' N, 79° 5' 19.8960'' E)

Mars 07:36 Capricorn 11th House
Uranus 07:56 Capricorn 11th House
Neptune 13:25 Capricorn 11th House
Saturn 20:07 Capricorn 11th House
Venus 20:55 Capricorn 11th House
Mercury 26:09 Capricorn 11th House



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