Stellium Chart Reading, perhaps ;) Virgo 7th house

Hi All!!!
Brand (spankin') new here!!! I have been working towards really gaining my knowledge in Astrology for couple years now and As my tool for learning, of course, I use my own natal chart .... However, I believe hearing from the fellow Astro-addicts, much more experienced than I, could allow me to understand better and work towards putting the infinite pieces together 😉
That's for reading the novel above .... Would LOVE LOVE feedback on my natal chart, if you perhaps have the time to allow for me 😀😀
I Would be ever so grateful 💁:kissing:


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You call that a novel? What kind of Virgo are you?

I'll start with the distribution of planets. As you have the majority of your planets above the horizon and they are all huddled around the western angle (descendant), you seem to be very people oriented and public, in other words an extrovert. You aren't one to go it alone as you feel more "fulfilled" when you have people to share experiences with.

In fact, getting lost in other people's agenda may be a theme with you as I note that you have your Jupiter in detriment and combust the Sun. This is a Jupiter out of it's comfort and it's powers are further subsumed by the closeness of the Sun to it. This may manifest in you being more of a follower than a leader as the prospect of you taking the reigns of responsibility and the potential falling out with those who don't agree with you/your way is something you rather not want to contend with. Thus, you seek security more than you seek freedom.

You are more practical and focused on efficiency and functionality than a stereotypical Pisces rising is said to be, as not only do you have Jupiter "grounded" as it were but you have a stellium of Libra Moon-Saturn-Mercury-Pluto in the 7th sign/8th house. This shows that you have the ability to administrate and manage quite well, but you direct these proclivities not towards dominating and being the "top dog" (which would be apparent if you had more outgoing energies prominent in your chart) but in securing for yourself the necessary resources that you need to survive in the world and also the proper managing of these resources so that you can enjoy prolonged and sustained security.

Administrative ability, a frugal orientation, security driven, people orientation and more of follower than a leader are some of the traits that I get from reading your chart.

Professionally, this could result in administrative positions in hotels, casinos, tourist attractions, hospitals and any heavily peopled environments, accounting, banking, etc.
I love all the interpretations!! Thank you!! And yes, very true about all of what is said! Per the artistic question, I am an Interior Designer and love event design as well! I love being around people and I do tend to like the administrative side of work as well! I do tend towards escapism as I find sometimes the responsibilities of daily life can become very overwhelming for me - most likely bc I can too much about the expectations others place on me and I feel (lately) that when I am not meeting these, others are always very easy to point these out to me - furthering my self induced perfectionism insecurities which can send me into more self loathing negative thoughts :/ luckily I can overcome quickly but on the outside I'm outgoing friendly enthusiastic but I feel most the time lost in the pace and outer goals and responsibilities I created for myself and rely on others to help me find the path and motivation needed to steer my emotional balancing - when those are met negatively my emotional balance is severely not balanced ! (Lol) does any of that make sense !!?! ;) I love the I feedback and Thank You all!!!
Oh and THAT was a good one - novel/Virgo! Hahah I ALWAYS write WAY more than I need to!! Hahah write/revise/re read/revise / 1 hour later my email is sent with perfection (in my eyes! Lol) my boss cannot stand it (Aries - of course ;)