Stellium and planet combust


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Stelium in 9th
(sun 23 sag / uranus 00 capricorn / mercury 01 capricorn / saturn 03 capricorn / neptune 09 capricorn)

saturn are combust?
these are instructions
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good link for the basics of western tropical astrology is
If the degrees you listed are correct, then no, your Saturn is not combust. A planet is usually considered to be combust when it's within 15 degrees from the Sun and yours is 20 degrees away from the Sun. However, this means your Saturn is in heliacal rising which makes it an extremely important and prominent planet in your chart. It may be good or bad depending on many circumstances but to find that out you need to post your chart.


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Some astrologers do not use conjunctions if the planets are not in the same sign.

In modern natal astrology, combustion isn't an issue. Rather a planet conjunct the sun shows what the person identifies with. The sun gives your identity or sense of self. Then sun conjunct Mercury would suggest that the person identifies (sun) with her intelligence (Mercury.)

Combustion is an issue in traditional western astrology. So it depends upon the type of astrology you prefer.
Ohhh, my bad... I thought you were Capricorn Sun. I can't read apparently, lol. Your Saturn is combust then, yes. And it's in heliacal setting, not rising. Those concepts are pretty similar but a planet in heliacal setting can turn its effects against the person after some time. So... is there anything you want to know about your combust Saturn (because you only asked about it)?