Stars in AstroCartoGraphy?


Hi all!
I live on my Jupiter MC line. Good parans and all. It must be great but something has always felt off.
Looking for answers I used Janus for Astro mapping and lo and behold I've discovered I have malefic stars above the said area - Zurak, Dschuba, Alphard being the closest ones. Talk about people getting me the wrong way & being depressed here! At least now I know I'm not crazy. :wink:

Case no.2: I went to work in Prague but after a while I felt I couldn't live there long-term. A star called Mirfak is in its zenith near Prague. It's a malefic and looking back it all makes sense. Otherwise Prague's on a Jupiter/Sun paran for me. While Vienna & Bratislava felt stressful/moody due to Zosma, Prague was less moody but I came off as too bold despite not being like that. Power struggles and all.

Maybe it would've been better if I went to Pilsen or some place in Eastern Bavaria where I have Zuben E (Libra Scales) & Prakt nearby, which are benefics (and I also have a Venus Local Space line from my birth place pointing right in the direction of Western Bohemia and Bavaria)?

Has anyone looked into the stars' influence on relocation? Maybe they & objects like Lilith could explain why some benefic planet lines don't feel that benefic at all? I think everything counts - stars, planets, Local Space lines, parans. In fact I'm starting to think that it's better to live in a place with no main planet lines nearby but with positive parans and if possible benefic stars nearby.