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Every week I publish the star news online email to provide the daily SOL SIGNS. This is the 60th harmonic of the sun. This is a 12 hour sign that takes 6 days to completethe cycle of sol signs. This forum will allow us to see the sol signs each day and this week and then allows feedback when it is in your signs.

(The 12 hour sol sign is related indirectly to the average daytime or nightime and the 6 day week related the idea of six degrees of separation (time to manifest something)

This forum will present the sol signs each week. To test and present the theory, the 12 hour signs are given. If you have a sol conjunction to a sun or moon or rising sign, you may note the time of day it is exact by the 60th harmonic conjunction. Sol sun signs takes approximately (not exactly) 12 hours to change sign.

Today tuesday June 14th the sol sign is Aquarius daytime (time for western hemisphere and EST. (Europe would be 6 hours different, Asia 12 hours ahead) SOL SUN changes in evening to Pisces and then through the nightime hours.

The 6 day SOL WEEK always begins with Sol Aries on Wednesday morning EST.
Taurus is wednesday evening. Sol Gemini is thursday daytime. Cancer is thursday evening. Leo is friday daytimes. Virgo friday evening. Libra saturday daytime, Scorpio saturday night. Sagittarius sunday and Capricorn sunday night. Aquarius returns monday morning 6 days later than the week before. (There are 60 sol weeks in a year, thus the 60th harmonic label fits)

There are also conjunctions once a week of SOL SIGN and SUN SIGN. The gemini sun will have a sol sun gemini catch it on June 16th at 25 Gemini. This makes key this thursday daytime EST or nightime in Europe, Asia. Things begin, for one thing, such as the US Open Golf tournament in DC area. There is also the SOL LUNAR this week, when the sol sun and the Moon join. The Moon this week is in Sagittarius, so we had a sol lunar on Monday. The next one takes 7 days and coincides with the normal week we all follow. The next sol lunar is next monday, as the moon will be in Pisces just as the sol sign meets it monday night.

All solar returns always have a sol sun 60th harmonic return as well. There is a good reason for knowing the sol signs. The sol arc progressions in our lifetime can be major indicators. The sol sign method works. Your birth 60th harmonic sun is your sol sign (sol = light of the sun). Yes you can draw a natal chart for the SOL.

Example of how to use the sol sign - well, saturday night is sol scorpio - couples night without the kids, this is an easy one.

Check it out. Let us know if you find something.

I''ll begin. As the sol sign is aquarius today (my sol moon sign) and the moon in sagit (my sun sign) and the sun in gemini (my sol sign). Good time to begin this thread.
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