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At least that's what he calls himself. As a fixed earth sign I'm vaguely offended that he's more stable than me.

What do you think? Does the stellium in Capricorn stabilize his saggitariusness?


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If you looked at his chart through more traditional techniques, you'd have no problem seeing how he would have a stable personality. The Sun is not the center of personality analysis in older branches of astrology, instead you look at the ascendant, ascendant ruler, moon, mercury and aspects and placements to these points and planets.

He has a Taurus rising, which broadly indicates a stable personality. His ascendant ruler is located in the fixed sign Aquarius which is ruled by the stabilizing planet of Saturn.

Furthermore, his Moon is in Virgo and his Mercury is in Capricorn - two planets that have to deal with the mind and two signs that are more stable in their outflow. Both planets are aspected by a very powerful Saturn - angular, in-sect and domicile - through the conjunction of Saturn to Mercury and through the trine aspect to the Moon.

Temperamentally, his chart is predominantly melancholic. More information on this temperament can be found here -

You might be interested in the fact that the Sun is used in temperament judgement. However, this is not through the sign of the Sun, but the season
and the season that the Sun is located in is autumn - which corresponds to the melancholic temperament.

His Moon and ascendant ruler occurs in human signs (the human signs are Gemini, Virgo, Libra, First half of Sagittarius, and Aquarius) and this indicates that the person is more polished and less likely to be influenced by passionate feelings in favour of more self-control and reasonableness.

Jupiter and Mars also have bearing on his personality but the weighting is definitely geared toward stability. A mixture of having a chart ruled by Venus, Moon (exaltation ruler of Taurus), Mercury, Saturn's power and pertinence to cognition, a melancholic temper, and human signs affecting the areas of personality will result in someone who doesn't fit the "stereotypical Sagittarius" profile, whatever that means.