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Hey guys,
I want to start a new thread dedicated to sports astrology using software

Ive created a system that helps interested people making astrological decisions

especially novices in astrology often dont know what to look for and how to make predictions

so instead of reading a chart manually and looking for all relevant aspects, i use a program that shows all features of the chart that are used to make predictions.

I will be posting samples of analysis made here and if u have questions, feel free to pm

If u have any games that u are especially interested in, just ask here and i will try to post my software output and explain the astrologically relevant factors in an easy way

until then

love and light



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I will start with an example of Europa League today


Astana vs BATE

the moon is squaring the antiscion of POF , which is a clear indicator for team represented by DSC

since Leo is on DSC and the Sun rules Leo and Astana play in all yellow

the tendency goes towards Astana

also my past games analysis shows that astana always won when sun had strong aspects


Astana to win @ 1.7

since this is a qualification match and things are different than in leagues, u should be a bit cautious

but still,

instead of reading 10s of charts, my software took 10 seconds to make this prediction

so lets see

(only gamble what u can afford to loose, there is always a variable of uncertainty involved)


I propose Aston villa-everton at 21h
and Levante -villarreal 22h Thank you for your consil and your help
because it's not easy for a beginner to read the cards


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Aston Vila - Everton

Capricorn : Saturn vs Leo : Sun

moon trine apof
Saturn trine pov
Jupiter square pov

all indicating Asc team has better chances.

Aston Villa always won with this configuration last ten games

But if Aston Villa are red and Everton blue, its hard to make decision

Levante - Villarreal

Aries : Mars vs Libra : Venus

moon square mars
moon square venus

no clear indicator but according to literature the planet last aspected is favorite, so in this case mars

i would say Levante has advantage but really not sure

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ok for levante but for aston villa I fish jupiter in asc and virgin mercury in dsc in tropical astrology, ... why ?
You use method of colors for jerseys for asc and dsc


Thank you for good prediction

Aston Villa and levante :smile:

for tomorrow it's possible to know for matches

Norwich -chelsea 13h30
Augsburg - Union Berlin 15h30
Watford -West 16h
Osasuna - Eibar 17h

sorry for all these tough matches, but I know that astrology is doing miracles Thank you for your help



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Norwich - Chelsea

Mars vs Venus

moon opp aru4
uranus conj h7

50% 30% 20%

Augsburg - Union Berlin

Jupiter vs Mercury

Moon opp Jupiter

50% - 50%

Watford - West Ham

Jupiter vs Mercury

moon opp Jupiter
moon sext apof
Jupiter square pof


moon square pof

50% - 50%

Osasuna - Eibar

Jupiter vs Mercury

moon opp jupiter

80 % - 20%


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thank u :) i was hoping to do something helpful for the community.

and yes it can be used to predict games in the future BUT the main part of the system i use is to include results from past games into the prediction process, and hard to use games that havent even been played :)



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some game today? game OGC Nice - Olympique de Marseille? Lille OSC - Saint-Étienne? for tomorrow?? please


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i understand u are intered in predictions, but this thread is more to tell u that there is a method to do it, not for me to put guesses out there.

my system is way too complicated to predict "any match". its far more used to pick matches and predict a high probability for even these.


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Hi Gecko

Im interested in your methods. For example, this Sunday, Arsenal vs Tottenham.

From using astro websites, I can see the chart at 16:30 UK time, Islington.

This gives me a 29º50 Sagittarius Ascendant.

Arsenal are the favourites, so id give them Lord 1 (Jupiter in 12th) and Lord 10 (Mars in 8th) and Tottenham Lord 7 (Mercury in 8th) and Lord 4 (Venus in 8th)

With the ascendant so high, I can see if the kick off is 40seconds late 16:30:40 then it becomes 0capricorn.

How can your software help me makes sense of this?


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Hi, great job on sport astrosoftware!

For last couple months I do the same thing, analyse games and build table in excel for easier analysis of large number of matches.

Also seen your post about lottery numbers and moons aspects - great stuff, i checked it and sometimes it works!

I want to ask you some questions:
pov - its point of victory? - is it as strong as point of fortune?

I notice you use aspects like trine sext and quad with pof, is it working? I heard that only opposition and conj work?

Do you use only day pof formula or night formula too?

Thank you for answers!


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Next Pick would be

Nordhausen vs Halberstadt in germany

Saturn vs Sun

Moon trine Jupiter Lord of the 10th house

according to my method, Nordhausen have 70% to win

odds are about 1.5

not very good odds , but thatwould be the pick of the day

good luck



this is a situation why people call astrology a "pseudo-science"... not all things are clear in this giant field.
I dont know if biology was a pseudo-science before they discovered DNA but predicting this thing is very tough.
According to Literatue , charts with early degees are too "early to judge"
so i just would let that one go


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Thanks for replying gecko :)

I will drop the astrology for this match, but as its my team involved, and the match is against our rivals, ill be glued watching it throughout. I kinda like the fact its hard to predict, makes it a bit more exciting watching it.

Just out of interest, would a 29degree ascendant also mean too tricky to predict?