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Hi Astrologers,
My 2 year old son is not speaking as per kids his age. His paediatrician is suspecting it as global delay. I’m really worried. Please help to answer when will he start speaking or will he have communication or social issues through out life.
DoB 21/04/2020
Time 5:56am
Place Sydney Australia
I would like to request a view on his horoscope for anything concerning and any remedies which we can do for his overall development.
Please help me as I am really worried about his future and request you to guide me whether he will overcome the developmental delays and lead a normal life ?
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This is temporary issue only soon he will get back to normal like other kids current dasa is not good, that too its saturn so native has to suffer certain period, since hes kid having health issues. Not only speech he also have head stomach related troubles take care. Even danger from domestic animals like dog bite or cow hit etc. Need constant attention. His mind will be restless troublesome arrogant adamsnt not obeying your words doesnt show interest in studies much or brings unwanted disputes. Dont mistake for saying this sir he may also have mind related issues so take care. Til his education he gives troubles only after profession he changes so be strict dad n rise him well. Profession finance married life are good. Socially he will be daring energetic successful but at same brings many issues after his birth father sees downfall in his life. He too will have unmatched weird eccentric combative attitude with dad.

Take care hes not the kid who need pamper should be raised with strict n discipline.. Mesha lagna are known for their arrogant adamant impulsive forciful attitudes mars ruled lagna so they have combative n battling nature throughout the life. Even for slight things gets short temper. He who speaks with hands first. Less intelligence n more physical power.

His speech n health will be fine after 2025.
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His Sun is exalted and occupies the ascendant. His Jupiter is debilitated but it is with exalted Mars and Saturn placed in its own sign. Mars owns the ascendant and is in close contact with the Sun. All these are excellent indications. However Mars and Aries influencing the ascendant will make him angry and aggressive.

Mercury governs speech in a chart. It is debilitated and it occupies the twelfth house with the Moon. Mercury receives aspect of Saturn. Mercury governs defects and maladies in this chart. With the Moon it shows much trouble and worry to the mother on account of the noticed speech defect. However Venus being the owner of the second house and placed in it lends strength to the house of speech and wealth.

It appears that the child will have slight speech defect in life but he will be able to independently pursue his life and profession.


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Thank you Dineshji and Creativei for providing your valued input.

can you please advise when will he be likely to start speaking and if any remedies that we can do for him.