Speck of dust conjunct asc


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On the 25th of November, asteroid Pan (4450) formed an opposition to my natal Mars. On that day I was looking through the archives of the apparently now moribund Something Weird Video franchise, and I clicked on a piece of erotica from the 1930s called The Wood Nymph.

It shows a beautiful woman sleeping in the forest who dreams she is the queen of the nymphs. Her clothes vanish and she stands up totally nude and wanders the woods. Her two equally nude acolytes join her and ply her with nuts and berries which she devours hungrily.

They frolic and laugh throughout the forest when there emerges from the shadows a long-tounged, slobbering goat-creature who makes advances on the women. They flee and elude him and laugh at the whole thing.

After a while the woman rests at the base of a tree again and falls asleep. Her clothes reemerge on her body and she wakes up. The End.

Asteroid Pan is about 1.1 kilometers in diameter. A speck of dust indeed.