South node conjuct sun?


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I wish to strengthen my area to read past life based on the natal chart.

If I come across an individual with let's say South node in virgo conjuct sun, could this indicate issues around confidence or that individual embodied the negative side of virgo such as being suppressed, withdrawn, subservient, worry etc?


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South Node Virgo / Sun... might have to accept a certain amount of messiness in life. They could have issues with employment. They may face many uncertainties. They could have circumstances that trouble their health or concentration. With the Sun here, these challenges may be particularly noticeable to everyone. However, once all is overcome, they may find a great appreciation for the non-material life.


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If the Sun conjuncts the South Node it may signify a bit too much confidence! I know a Sun in Virgo with this placement; Sun in Virgo conjunct South Node in Virgo, she's a bit on the naggy side, too strong!

As for South Node in Virgo by itself; I have this placement, there's issues with employment definitely!