Well, I'm curious. It seems to me like Michael Cera and I would be dandy together.


Sun trine Sun
Moon trine Moon
Mercury trine Mercury
Venus trine Venus
Mars sextile Mars
everything past that in our charts is in the same planets
except chiron and uranus, i think

all these trines sound lovely

Note: I don't know his birth time.

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fixedair said:
how do you show a chart as a thumbnail?

(i'm new...)

figured it out
nevermind :D

Hi, I just registered new and am lookin at gettin TAT of the TWINS cause im Gemini; but as usual I can't make my mind up. Can u help?


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You can use 12:00pm as a default time in order to get the synastry chart. The houses will be off but it will be easier to see the rest of the aspects ;)

As for the soulmate query, you're probably gonna need a birth time for that. Nodes, Vertex, AC/DC connections are very important. I wonder what's Cera's rising sign.
fixedair said:
how do you show a chart as a thumbnail?

(i'm new...)

figured it out
nevermind :D

Welcome, you already have attached your charts as thumbnails, well done..

I'm not a believer in Soul mates, cos I beleive people come together for a reason, good or bad so we can have Lessons and that's how we grow...

The two charts you posted are both air sun signs (very good) both moons in water signs (very good).It would be more helpful if you could post the chart with the time you know and the other around the outside, so we can see exactly where one person's planets fall in the other's chart.

Plus on you could get a 'synastry grid' or every try composites.
Composite charts
If you go to click on free horoscopes, go to Interactive horoscopes, go down to Astroclick partner, that will bring up a composite chart and when you put the mouse over a planet will bring up a pop up box with the interpretation......

But you do need both times of birth to be accurate though.. enjoy.

Composites describe the relationship, not either one of you, but what you came together to learn or to do and how the 'pair of you' function when together....

My way of helping newbies is for them to do more research and learning rather than just ‘drop the answer in your lap’ and not necessarily to provide professional readings and forecast future events.
Having a Sagittarius MC is the sign of the teacher and I do indeed teach astrology. This forum is a wonderful community of all mixed levels. So instead of dropping the answer in your lap I may provide links and dangle carrots in the hope that if you are sincerely interested enough you will do the research and enlighten yourself….

Have you read the 'welcome sticky' at the top of this forum? It has some great explanations, links etc and also has links to forum rules & regs...

We also have Relational Forum here where lots of similar questions are answered, so well worth a bit research....

We also have a 'Karmic forum' if you go back to the main index
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