SOS should my twin and i do this tv show?


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My twin and I were asked if we'd be interested in possibly being on national TV dating show and i'm wondering if this possibly could be good for us? Would we succeed in filming? If anyone is familiar with dating shows, it's like Love Island. We have fall semester during filming and I don't like dismissing prior obligations for a possible TV hit. What do you guys see? How do you do a horary reading with this chart??

here is this chart:
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dr. farr

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Using my method;
You = 1st house = libra =venus
Your sister = 3rd house = Sagittarius = Jupiter
Filming show if it would be to your highest good = 10th house = cancer - moon,

-Venus in detriment in Aries = - testimony
-Jupiter in Pisces = + testimony
-moon flows away from both Venus & Jupiter = - testimony

Net = -1 testimony; answer; probably would not be what you two should do.