something always happening in a year that ends with a seven


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My brother's wife recently left him. He informed us that it appears to him that something significant--usually BAD--seems to occur with him in years ending in seven. It began in 1967 when our father died and has happened every ten years since. Is there an astrological aspect to this happening to him? Or should I be consulting a numerologist instead of an astrologer? I don't want to give you his birthday since he does not know that I am asking you this and it would be an invasion of privacy, but could you tell me in general whether there could be some astrological significance to these things occuring? I can tell you that he is a Virgo.
Previously, I inquired about why presidents were dying or being assassinated in office if they wre elected in a year ending with zero and what happened astrologically that it ended with this current president. (It actually ended with Reagan because though shot, he did not die, but whatever.)
What think you?