Some Neptune Problems

midnight sun

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Hi everyone,

I am extremely confused about my career. Neptune transits through my 6th house. How to deal with it? I am chronically tired , I can't start anything and I have a lot of work in my head that I want to do, I just can't do any of them because I can't decide. It's like, if I make a choice, I will left the other options out and I am afraid to regret in the future. I am an academician but I am not satisfied with my work anymore.
I also hardly finish daily tasks in my house and I procrastinate everything. I want to exercise but I can't start to do it. I can only swim because while swimming I don't need to force my body to move. Other times when I move my body, I feel like I am pushing a rock. I mean I have so much resistance in myself. So there is a mind/body opposition which I can't solve.

I am also about to start a relationship with a man but he is living in another town. Right now Uranus conjunct my Venus so this is normal probably. But I am again very confused. Am I repeating the Venus-Saturn cycle again? Should I invest in this relationship? In summary, I don't know which step is right for me? In both career and relationships. I can't decide what is right for me, it is so blurred.


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