Solar return: Venus opposite Pluto (square in natal!) + Sun opposition Saturn (conjunction in natal!). How worried should I be? What should I do?


As I said in the title, some of the major contacts between planets I have in the natal chart are now in my solar chart for 2022/23.

The past two years have been difficult for me on more level than one. Most importantly, I had chronic health issues and my husband has been ill for almost 2 years straight. He’s in a lot of pain (stomach and chest) and doctors are unable to help him. I lost my job a little after the pandemic hit and I found a new one about 10 months ago (I have never worked more and earned less!).

When I looked at my solar return, I froze a bit.

In my natal chart I have Venus (8th) square Pluto (10th) and I have known loss of important family members in my life; I basically have no family left. My husband is my only family. This year the opposition is working through the axis 4th – 10th house. And it’s the same thing for Sun-Saturn opposition.

The difficult planets (Saturn and Pluto) are hitting from the home front, the 4th house, while my Sun and Venus are in the 10th. Should I see this as a continuation of my husband’s illness and how heavy it weighs on me? (I know how selfish I sound…). He’s suffering so much and we have zero help from anyone. Whatever progress’s been made, without the false modesty, I made it by finding the right doctors and pointing them in the right direction (I’m not a doctor!!! So, all of this is very frustrating. I spent months and months reading scientific articles). Not to mention that everything’s on me and as I said, I am ill too (I’ve found a new therapy for me and I have just started feeling better a bit). To be frank my husband’s not the easiest man in the world to begin with (My natal Mars in Gemini in the 7th house opposition Neptune) and ever since he started having health issues, he only knows two ways to be and communicate: aggression or depression.

There’s also Moon-Pluto opposition with my solar moon being in my 7th house!

To make matters worse, there’s a guy at work I find attractive (and I’m not planning to do anything about it) who started showing interest towards me (again, I’m not planning to do anything about it). He’s Aries/(Taurus?) (my solar Mars is in Taurus) and he has in his natal Venus opposition Pluto and Moon square Pluto. Did I mention that he is my boss? There’s that too.

Am I wrong in thinking that I should:

1. Libra ASC: be careful not to compromise too much and try to please people around me

2. Saturn and Pluto in the 4th hitting Sun and Venus in the 10th, try not to let my homelife burden me too much and put my career to a halt

3. Since Saturn is opposing my Sun and squaring my Mars, I should work 10 times as hard to achieve my goals and not expect too much

4. Try to deal with hardships and not have my head up in the clouds (Mercury opposition Neptune)… since I try to write from time to time, could I use this as a boost?

5.. Uranus in the 8th: death and taxes… How worried should I be? Both Uranus and Mars are squaring my Sun from the 8th. In the next solar my Sun is in the 8th!

6. Neptune is in the 6th… is it my health problem or my husband’s for whom I am responsible in that regard? Problems with diagnosis… Jupiter retrograde is there too, maybe improvements should be expected in the second part of the year? Should I be looking for a different job so that I could move on next year?

7. Last but not least, ignore any inappropriate attraction I may feel. (or use it to write that romance novel I’ve been drealing of writing 😉 )

Should I be worried about possible attacks? (Venus opposition Pluto)

Btw, for my 2023 solar, opposition Sun-Saturn is there too and so is Mercury-Neptune opposition.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to look at my charts!


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