Solar Return help - 5th house Moon/Mars/Vertex


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Hello friends!
Could anyone help me read my solar return for 2018?

I’m post my first Sat Return and feel really apathetic and unmotivated, it,s been 3 months into my solar return but I don’t feel any change in my life or mood. What do you think this year might hold for me?

What does that Moon/Mars/Vertex in 5th might signify?
Pluto is close to DSC - bad for relationships?
I’m pretty bad with solar returns so would appreciate any help


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Don't relay on a SR to change your lif or mood.
Moon/Mars/Vertex might mean that simply this year you will shift your focus more to 5th house matters. May it be hobbies, parties, sports activities or children is all up to you.
There is a lesson for you in the 5th house. Maybe to learn how to ejoy and relax? Have fun?
You might meet someone special if you haven't already
Pluto does nothing at al near the DC if you have *no* relationship. I've heard it brought one to some people. If you do meet someone there might be some conflict between your own goals and some sort of sacrifice needed for that relationship. Or you might decide to sacrifice a reltionship entirely in order to persue your goals.