Solar Return Asc in Natal’s 10th House


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Hello everybody..
2020 was too tough on me both personal and career wise.
So I was looking on my next year’s SR to see some light at the end of the tunnel. :joyful:

My Asc is conducting Jupiter in the 10th house in my natal chart. Can anyone tell what does it mean?
I believe that ASC conjuct natals 10th house itself is a good sign. :happy:


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If your SR AC is conjunct a natal planet, something represented by that planet is front and center for you. Maybe it's a problem to solve, or maybe it's just prominent in your life at this time. Either way, it's drawing your attention.

What Jupiterian things do you have up for you right now? Could be higher education, travel, dealings with foreigners, law, religion, philosophy... anything Jupiter rules.

The house your SR AC is in could also be a focal point. Maybe career is a focal point for you right now. Or public reputation, or something you do that earns you a public reputation. Maybe we're looking at the community, associations, and long term plans side of this, since this conjunction is in your eleventh house whole sign.

This SR chart has the fourth house as the busiest. What's going on for you regarding your home or your family?