Solar return ASC conj natal Chiron


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hello everybody,

what do you know about this aspect -
Solar return ASC conj natal Chiron (2°).

a lot of thanks :)


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I'm supposed to have my SR Asc closely conjunct my natal Chiron this year, but I went to another city for a month during my birthday so my SR Asc is changing a few degrees earlier, which is still widely conjunct my natal Chiron.

I have Chiron in 7th house Libra, so everything that comes around is related to relationships. A lot of my friends are turning into enemies after someone is badmouthing me, and currently I am quite a loner, if not at all.

The interesting thing is that I took this chance to heal myself from all the things people do. While Chiron will rub on your wound, it also helps you to face it and heal it. It is difficult, but it is possible, I think. I am yet over my 2019 SR, so I wouldn't know how it will turns out in the end, but this few months has been quite hurtful yet healing at the same time for me.