Solar Return 2022?


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Hi! I am just curious to see how next year might be for me. I included my natal and the solar return.

A few things intrigue me. I really like how my sun is in my 5th house and then my ascendant also rules the 5th house. Therefore, do you think I will be finding myself more so creatively and hobby like? I am going to be 22, and still do not really know what I want to do as a career/money wise so I am hoping next year that is somewhat an emphasis?

Also with an aries moon how would that manifest? I am natally a scorpio moon so with my moons both being ruled by pluto and mars would that mean anything?

I am kind of nervous with the venus conjunct pluto in the 6th house as well. I know the 6th house is routine, health etc so with venus and pluto what could that mean?

I also am interested in the uranus conjunct MC. Again hoping it has to do with career and a sudden change? Hopefully w the online world? (social media etc)

Then my moon in 9th house I am hoping indicates travel? However it also squares my SR mercury and venus. What could that indicate?

It is also interesting how my mars makes no significant aspects to any of my SR planets and my SR sun makes no aspects to any of my inner planets. Only a square to jupiter and a trine to my uranus. What could that indicate?

I also am a bit nervous with the saturn on the descendant. I read somewhere that could possibly be a death with a father? That is a bit nerving, especially with jupiter in my 8th house so indicating possible income from 'other' people? What do you think?

What does a scrorpio IC indicate? Do you see me moving out of my current location? I am hoping for a change in that department as well.

Anything else that sticks out at you please let me know! I am interested in finding out everything I can. Thanks so much!

Here is my natal chart:

My Solar Return:

The charts together:
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