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President Trump uses a swear word like we all do from time to time when we are angry.
And Trump certainly has a right to be angry at the Demonrats/corrupt media who colluded together to rig the 2020 election, hide the Hunter laptop from the public, created fake impeachments. Every crime they did they projected onto Trump & then add in the incest/pedophila by top Demonrats, incl the O'Biden Crime family & one can see how evil & depraved these Demonrats rally are..:whistling::whistling::whistling:

Trump's :mars::leo::conjunct: Royal Star Regulus & his anger is righteous, just & lawful. THe world is finally waking up to how he has been wrongly persecuted & attacked because he doesn't play in the corrupt, evil game.

Thel cabal broke every criminal law in the book & their punishment is coming.

List of Xiden's crimes, not even including O'Bummer/Killary's all I'll be here all day/night.:tongue::tongue::tongue:

1. Pay-to-Play in Ukraine
The most obvious scandal bared by the emails and text messages contained on Hunter’s laptop concerns the influence profiteering Joe Biden during his 8 yrs as V.P. with Ukraine featuring heavily in the pay-to-play scheme.

2. China Gets in the Game
Ukraine is but a patch on the influence-peddling undertaken by Hunter on behalf of “the big guy,” who got 10%.
Hunter Biden’s joint global equity firm, the Bohai Harvest Equity Investment Fund, had helped coordinate the purchase by a Chinese mining company of the world’s largest cobalt source in the Congo.
That deal gave China control over a huge chunk of the world’s known cobalt supplies — to make electric car batteries.

3. Moscow, Kazakhstan, and More
Hunter also received a combined $3.5 million from the wife of the former Moscow mayor, a Kazakhstan investor, and several other individuals.

4. Traitor Joe's Firing of the Ukraine Prosecutor Investigating Burisma

Trump's popularity becoming stronger each month with each revelation & truth dripping out. He was born for a time like this, to be the Solar King :leo: Lion to protect & save America.:):):)

Filthy mouth, should be washed out with soap! He should be glad I wasn't his mom, or perhaps she gave him a hot sauce on his tongue (hot pepper)


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President Trump proven right about everything, again.:whistling::whistling::whistling:

The rigged election & Trump wants them to return the diamonds they stole

Russiagate proved to be a total fantasy made up by O'Bama, Killary & the Demonrats (who actually colluded with Ukraine to try to bring Trump down before & after the 2016 election)

Corrupt media really are the enemy of the people

The Hunter Biden laptop from hell was a true storey
Over 50 'intelligence' liars claimed it was Russian dis-information when they knew it to be completely true & would have put the Biden Crime Family in prison for treason, pedophilia, money laundering, tax evasion, bribery.

The conspiracy theories the fake news & Demonrats kept screaming out were all TRUE.
Almost everything the fake news reported on has been total propaganda/lies.

:jupiter::venus::pisces: still active in Trump's 7th bringing him even more popularity around the world.
:neptune::trine::saturn: and the truth is being revealed about how the Demonrats/media colluded together to try to destroy Trump
They are still trying to blame everything on Trump including the Xiden-hyperinflation, the high cost of oil & gas but nobody is buying their bull anymore except the most hypnotized sheepies. :neptune::square::sun: and the lies/propaganda against him continue but they are quickly stamped out when the truth comes out.

The mid-terms are going to be a huge victory for Trump's Patriots who are running. 33 of 33 picks in recent TX elections claimed Victory & there's much more of that to come. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

TRUMP: “When I was in the White House we had peace through strength… They didn’t F*ck around with us.”

The 7th is also the house of our "known enemies" as they are called or thought of. He (trump), still has to be deposed soon by his arch-enemy, Tisha James the Attorney General of NY. There are at least 14 open cases he may have to been deposed in some of them soon.
"The question is whether the (Office of the Attorney General) can use the office subpoenas to avoid the grand jury process and compel testimony from those whom it does not wish to grant immunity," the appeal states.
A state judge ruled against the Trumps' request in February, saying they could invoke their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination and refuse to answer questions, which Eric Trump did during his 2020 deposition. Attorneys for the Trump family argued that a jury could draw an "adverse inference" if the Trumps opted not to answer questions in depositions.
New York Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron had ordered the Trumps to sit for depositions by March 10, but the former President and his children reached a deal to delay those appearances until after an appeal is decided.
As for the rest of the post - it truly defies all logic -

claiming that the election was rigged however Republicans who won, were on the same ballots as Trump. All of the Trump and Republican rigged election accusations have never included any evidence to substantiate the claims.

Trump followers make claims of incest and pedophilia, but have never offered one single piece of proof to justify their accusations of such a serious crime.

[FONT=&quot] The Hunter laptop story began in 2020 before the election; claiming that the Democrats were responsible for colluding to hide it when it was the Republicans who were in charge. Now claiming that the Biden's are a crime family yet in the four years that Trump was in the White house, with Republicans controlling both house of congress, and the Justice Department, there was not one single indictment for any crime.


Saying that one can "see" the depravity and evil is, once again, opinion without proof. Name calling and baseless accusations are always the first refuge of those who lack actual evidence.


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Trump will be returning in an election he won in a landslide. Possibly the only state he didn't win was NY but he did turn CA red!:happy:

It's all in the chart, the :northnode: 10th playing a pivotal role in his success.

It's likely that he will serve the last 2 yrs of the election in won in 2020 & still be eligible to run in 2024. Read up on the 22nd Amendment.

:jupiter::pisces: 7th has brought him more love, more popularity around the world & great legal success. It just gets better & better for him.
God is on his side to defeat the satanists who want to destroy him.

[deleted attacking comment - Moderator]

The 7th is also the house of our "known enemies" as they are called or thought of. He (trump), still has to be deposed soon by his arch-enemy, Tisha James the Attorney General of NY. There are at least 14 open cases he may have to been deposed in some of them soon.

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Letitia James is certainly part of the 7th house 'known enemy'. She has made her career all about 'getting Trump' because she is a very deranged person.:whistling::whistling::whistling:

:jupiter::pisces:7th brought Trump great victory over the demented AG James when the new Manhatten DA Bragg (a black Democrat) threw out all the charges, stating there was nothing to charge Trump with.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg axed predecessor's 'rushed' criminal probe into Donald Trump’s finances ‘after his lawyers couldn't convince him ex-president had intentionally inflated value of assets’

Alvin Bragg ended the grand jury into Trump because he was not convinced that they could prove their fraud case

Out-going DA Cyrus Vance Jr rushed the probe forward in his final months in office making veteran prosecutors in his office uneasy

The DA sought to prove that Trump inflated the value of his properties in order to secure bank loans

Vance had tried to bring fraud charges before against the Trump SoHo project, but could not make the case

New York AG Letitia James continues to push a civil fraud case against the Trump Organization for inflating asset value

These corrupt Demonrats have been searching for a crime to charge Trump with for over 5 yrs but he's not a criminal like them, Trump follows the law.

Trump Victory again thanks to :jupiter: 7th legal.

The 7th is also the house of our "known enemies" as they are called or thought of. He (trump), still has to be deposed soon by his arch-enemy, Tisha James the Attorney General of NY. There are at least 14 open cases he may have to been deposed in some of them soon.


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Current :jupiter::neptune::trine: Trump :venus::saturn::cancer: a wish is fulfilled. Trump finally suing all those who falsely accused him of colluding with Russia; timing is perfect for him to extend maximum damage to Killary & her criminal gang.

:neptune::sextile: MC
:pluto::trine: MC
Trump's image to the world being transformed into a hero as more & more truth drips out about the 2020 stolen election, the Russian=Collusion delusion, the fake impeachments & the criminal cabal led by Obama who tried to destroy him.

Trump was destined to rule the country & have great influence throughout the world. :sun::uranus::northnode:10th just to begin the remarkable man.

This is why the criminal cabal want to destroy Trump, MAGA Movement took over the country & bringing in millions more Patriots to fight the NWO/Demonrat agenda.

Trump sues Hillary Clinton over 2016 Russian collusion allegations

JOHN DOES 1 THROUGH 10 (said names
being fictious and unknown persons), and
names being fictitious and unknown entities),


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This is a interesting development, just on the full moon, WSJ admits The Clinton campaign spied on Trump.

Consider the source~

Actually, the Wall Street Journal as well as NY Post are both assets belonging now to Rupbert Murdoch. Their opinion pieces are also predictable then; and editorials always lean farther right although nothing near like Fox conglomerate he also owns. He doesn't care for the Clintons, the Obamas or anyone looking to tax billionaire empires such as him and his. This now means, he looks for anything at all to push on Joe Biden and that includes his son. The man has no limits.

He's very old, and can't live forever :wink: Or can he?

I was rather taken aback when the rocker Mick Jagger's ex wife Jerry Hall once a model, (very tall, thin etc) married dumpy old man Murdoch.

After all, she was wealthy in her own right (but I guess we've seen even the wealthy can't be TOO wealthy, ) :happy: But she did take me by surprise when she did become his 4th or 5th bride.

Scroll halfway down to see Murdoch and his latest bride:

His Venus in the 2nd ruled by Saturn in the 1st hs.

He divorced Wendi when she had the very public affair with Tony Blair in London and elsewhere. They had 2 daughters together. The others are older sons now helping to run? Fox TV the way daddy sees it.

Net worth$21.49 billion (2022)

SpouseJerry Hall (Since 2016) · Wendi Murdoch (1999 - 2013) · Anna Murdoch Mann (1967 - 1999) · Patricia Booker (1956 - 1967)


Jerry Hall was not only independently wealthy, but was a spokesperson years ago for the U.N. like Mia Farrow another celebrity figure in those days.

Hall wed 89-year-old billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch in 2016.

Controlling entity and force in American Politics today - Rupert Murdoch can't live too much longer can he? :w00t: age 94....

notice: This site has not kept up with his marriages or divorces since 1999-2000 perhaps. They are behind the times....but did add his Scandal in the UK when his newspaper was caught hacking people's emails.,_Rupert
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The NY Post the only honest media to report on the Hunter Biden laptop from hell back in early 2020. ALL the other fake news called it Russian disinfo like they always do, blame it on Russia Russia Russia. :neptune::pisces: 3rd house of Sibley chart & the media lies & propaganda at an all time high.:andy::surprised::annoyed:

NY Post proven RIGHT, Trump proven RIGHT yet again.

The Hunter Biden laptop PROVEN to be authenticed by none other than NY Toilet Times! (A year after they stole the election).

Truth coming out now about the fake Russian collusion, fake impeachments & how O'Bummer, Killary colluded together with the then-corrupt FBI to spy on Trump & create fake dossier.

It's all BOOMERANG back on the Demonrats :)saturn: KARMA); Obama, Killary are being exposed & will be indicted shortly, Durham working his way carefully, methodically from the bottom swamp creatures to the top tier criminal traitors.
:pluto::capricorn: draining the swamp.

51 Former Senior Intelligence Officials including Former CIA Chiefs Openly Lied About Hunter Biden’s Laptop Being ‘Russian Disinformation’

Clinton’s spying on Trump ‘much larger than we thought’
Donald Trump has officially filed a $24 million lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and her “cohorts” over their “unthinkable plot” to falsely tie the former president to Russia at the time of the 2016 federal election.

It has been fairly well known since 2017 that the Steele Dossier was financed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, reportedly through the law firm Perkins Coie.

The Mueller Report was a dud. It pretty much called the Steele Dossier a fabrication. Disappointed, the media chatter died down. No apologies, no contrition for jumping to unsupported conclusions, no self-examination for shoddy to non-existent journalism.

Durham probe: Analyst charged with lying to FBI about Christopher Steele’s Trump-Russia dossier

Consider the source~

Actually, the Wall Street Journal as well as NY Post are both assets belonging now to Rupbert Murdoch.


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:pluto: end degree in :capricorn: and the purge of the cabal almost complete.

President Trump came to 'drain the swamp' (ruled by :pluto: dark, toxic & poisonous) & that's exactly what he's done. Promises made, Promises kept.:):):)

The satanic cabal, NWO, deep state, whatever you call the swamp is pretty much done.
All the traditional structures (ruled by :capricorn:) have been smashed.
Elon Musk owning more shares than Jack the final nail in the corrupt media agenda.:lol:

:jupiter: 7th of Trump's chart & his popularity soaring even beyond 2020's huge election win. Everything he said was right, the majority now know he is the one fighting to put America & the American people First.
Trump called out MSM as the 'enemy of the people' in 2015 & now in 2022 the world knows this to be true. :venus::saturn::cancer: very intuitive person.

With current :saturn::trine::sun: Trump 10th his reputation has been restored & he's been completely vindicated with the truth coming out about Obamagate, Killary & the Russian Collusion Hoax. Indictments dripping out by Durham, who cannot be fired leading to Clinton Campaign, Obama, Rice, Comey, Brennan, Clapper et al.
They're all going down, none of them will escape karmic :saturn: justice.
You reap what you sow says :saturn: whether that be good or evil.

And the :jupiter: love-fest for Trump continues. 21,000 had to be turned away at the April 2nd rally in MI. as there was no more room at the inn.
What a beautiful night. Kristina Karamo was a rockstar, exposing the cheating Dems, the pedos, the criminal enterprise known as the DNC. :lol:

A new doc came out that same night (very appropo the day after the New Moon :aries: - new beginnings...for the normies who are 'waking up' the initiation started April 1st with Truth Bombs dropping).:lol:




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Lots been going on vindicating President Trump & exposing the numerous malicious plots against him by the Dems/NWO as he came to drain the swamp.

:mercury::gemini::retrograde:bringing out the hidden secrets.:whistling::whistling::whistling:

The corrupt media continue with their attacks & persecution, ::saturn::square: MC - they will never, ever acknowledge Trump's successful policies.

Yet, he remains even more popular than ever & was recently given the title 'The Great MAGA King' by the sock puppet O'Biden himself!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin

Funny how astrology fits with the title given to him....:mars::conjunct:Regulus (fixed star of royalty).:):):)

Trump's M/C @24 :taurus:hit by the lunar eclipse on May 16 & the fake news ramping up the propaganda about him.
Yet Trump's support growing, Uber-MAGA!
The country are witnessing the total destruction of the country, deliberately planned by the Chinese-infiltrated Xiden Marxist Regime.:crying::crying::crying:

The Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax exposed!
Durham trial #1 exposing the Clinton/Obama criminal cabal
2000 Mules doc exposing election fraud
Trump-endorsed candidates winning at around 98% rate!
Fake news imploding, woke culture being destroyed
Musk exposing Twit for the propaganda, fake news it is, full of bots/trolls
Xiden Crime family being exposed, along with the biolabs in Ukraine

Trump rallies so popular that thousands have to be turned away. At least 5 million views per rally on the real news platforms like Rumble & Telegram etc.

The Lunar Eclipse which made a lovely :sextile: to Trump's :venus::saturn::cancer: in H11 setting off months of incoming love & support & even more vindication of his policies.

Primary voters thrilled with Trump’s new party

President Trump’s hostile takeover of the Republican Party is officially now complete.

Trump's impressive string of victories in the first major primaries since he left office proves beyond any doubt that his grip on the party is unrivaled, and the reach of his influence within the party is near limitless.
Of course, the fake news is so dumb & biased they are still debating irrelevant details among far-flung primaries that got minimal attention.
They giddily point to a race here and there where Trump’s endorsed candidate lost. Yet, Trump has notched victory in the vast, overwhelming majority of Republican primaries.

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