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Hi everyone,

I've got a question concerning the solar house cusps and comparing them to the natal chart. I've run into a chart that has every Solar Return house cusp in the same Natal house.

Solar return cusp 1 = in natal house 1
Solar return cusp 2 = in natal house 2
Solar return cusp 3 = in natal house 3
Solar return cusp 4 = in natal house 4
Solar return cusp 5 = in natal house 5
Solar return cusp 6 = in natal house 6
Solar return cusp 7 = in natal house 7
Solar return cusp 8 = in natal house 8
Solar return cusp 9 = in natal house 9
Solar return cusp 10 = in natal house 10
Solar return cusp 11 = in natal house 11
Solar return cusp 12 = in natal house 12

The cusps are not conjunct though. It's not something you see every year. Quite frankly it's something I don't think happens very often in the span of a lifetime at all.

My question:
Does it mean anything extraordinary for that year and what is it?
In other words: Would you give it a special status? What's your experience with this?

I've tried literature but came up with nothing. Any advice on interpreting this situation is much appreciated.
It would have been helpful to post the charts for us to look at but basically suggests that the natal promise or potential is reinforced and of course the transits for that birthday will be having an influence.

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