Solar Arcs and Sarah Palin


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I know, it's our second Sarah Palin thread. Dear apologies, but I didn't think that posting this in that fourm would be appropriate. Besides, I really want to marvel and enjoy the phenemon that is Solar Arcs. 1 Degree, Per 1 year of life. Such a simple concept. And it makes it so that you can track times down in an instant.

So, how is one able to use Solar Arcs in order to pinpoint one's time? By looking at the events of the person's lifetime. And count from a certain sign to one of the angles. Either conjuncting a planet or one of the 4 points of the Zodiac: IC/MC/DSC/ASC, etc.

For Solar Arcs, I used a relatively simple event in Miss Palin's life: High School Graduation. Now here's the thing you're going to find unique about Miss Palin's chart. Her chart does not indicate her being selected for Vice-President run via the solar arcs. This is probably because of the defeat. It signifies IMO her being governor though. As Moon/Mercury hit Chiron. I think deep down, the job took her away from her family and that this politics thing. It may not be in her best interest. I like how her True Node is in Cancer signifying that.

That's not to say Miss Palin isn't a public service type. I think with an Aquarius MH and all that Pisces/Aquarius energy that we've seen she's a mother and she's someone who cares.

There will be a conjunction to her Aries Jupiter in a few years. By then, we may see her take some kind of authorative position. So for those wishing 2012. That's not happening.

But a few years down the line? When the kids are teenagers and she can roam freely? Look out.


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I am going to study astrology until I confirm my suspicion that there is a lot of wrong with her chart. :rightful:

I have a noob question. What are those red arcs on the chart? I know the solar arc and progressions concepts, and I used them to rectify charts, but I have no idea what these red arcs on the chart are! Perhaps it's something so obvious that I do not see it??? :pinched:


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Back on topic, isn't that square from her Neptune to her MC stellium an indicator that she is can be fooling herself and everyone in her career?


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Ha! I just discovered something interesting about solar arcs. 1 year appears to be equal not one degree but one day, which is 360/365.25 of one degree. But it gets non-linear too when calculating something in older age. Strange.
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